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Ghost hunting politics: Part II

Ghost hunting politics: Part II

By Rick Hinton

There continues to be ghostly spectacles on the internet posted from excited and impressionable ghost groupies, with definite tie-ins with ghost apps and Photoshop. What is most amazing is the buy-in that this is conclusive proof for the existence of ghosts. Are we that gullible and consequently, have shut off our brains?

“Ghost Camera apps have been out for years,” Kenny Biddle states. “We have seen the Same Freaking Ghosts in hospitals, prisons, hallways, bedrooms, on the beach, in windows, in your cousin’s sister’s uncle’s closet… and so on. Yet, we still see groups with fancy names posting a photo from a Ghost Camera app, and debating about it … with comments from many individuals falsely arguing points of why it was ‘amazing’. I say falsely because the arguments were completely invalid and obvious they had no knowledge of the topics being discussed.”

Biddle adds:
“What’s the real issue here? Well yes, there are many, but one stands out for me: the lack of ANY research and investigation WHATSOEVER. No search of phone apps (since this has become a common hoax), no research of Photo Shop techniques (since this was brought up several times, but shot down)… or even a simple search for ‘fake ghosts.’”

Kenny Biddle, preaching to the choir! (Submitted photo)

Biddle knows photography. It doesn’t take much to fire up his cylinders when it comes to the subject of purported “ghost photos.” He also comments about the lack of advancement in the pursuit of paranormal realities. We are doing the same things over and over … and making the same mistakes. Groups have become mired in the mud.

“Groups are stuck in a rut … and have been for several DECADES. Hell … over a century! There is no “advancement” going on. The recent rut consist of the following:

1) Get permission (or not) to explore a “haunted” location.
2) Set up a lot of gadgets believed to capture/record something to do with ghosts (with no evidence to back up such an idea).
3) Turn the lights out. Sit in the dark. Talk to the dark.
4) Review all recordings and assume everything you cannot explain absolutely must be that ghost of a little girl you read about.
5) Post it all, wait for praise. Delete and block questions, rational explanations, logic, reason, professional knowledge, evidence that refutes your claim.”

Paranormal groups often do more harm than good. Clients reach out for help, answers and validation, instead receiving the “official” wisdom and verdict of someone with a ghost-hunting diploma from the internet or television. They can be wrong (it happens), not realizing the lasting ramifications of their words or actions. They leave, moving on to other adventures with their befuddled clients left behind in the same situation. And, quite often, with inaccurate information to help them move forward. It’s a sad state of affairs!

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