Fighting my wife’s cancer with God’s garden; raw, non-GMO produce

By Wendell Fowler

In a heartbeat, everything changed; space and time decelerated as we focused on the words falling from the doctor’s mouth, “Sandi, you have cancer”. My realty shifted as the exam room closed into a misty grey, surreal tunnel. There it was. It was happening to us, not other people. How can this happen to the wife of the godfather of food as medicine? My heart crumbled into little pieces.

Because I’ve learned the universe/God is listening and then creates my realty out of my thoughts, I reigned in anxiety and dark feelings, centered myself on what must be done, resolute it’s already gone. Never there. Heal my precious wife. It’s a done deal.

I see firsthand, however, how it can be overwhelming at first when emotions are raw. So, over the upcoming weeks, I’m sharing my wife’s journey, as our love, guardian angels, community of earth-medicine-loving, hard-praying friends synergize to restore Sandi to her original wholeness.

First, I’m becoming a wheatgrass farmer for her daily wheatgrass shots, juice a rainbow of fresh produce from God’s garden and eat even more non-GMO raw foods vibrating with energy. Currently our diet is 80 percent raw. We don’t smoke or drink alcohol, do not eat diary, gluten, meat and sugar. We exercise regularly and participate in silent, mindful meditation frequently.

Including me, many agree cancer is a disease of modern society, manmade food and the malevolent, irresponsible use of alien chemicals and compounds (Roundup ® glyphosate, et. al.), seasoned with greed, empty souls and a profound disconnection from the sacred earth that altruistically supports all life.

Researchers studying a thousand mummies from ancient Egypt and South America found only a handful suffered from cancer when today, it accounts for a third of all deaths. This suggests modern lifestyles and industrial pollution are the main causes and that it is not a naturally occurring condition or hereditary. Modern records show that the disease rate has risen massively since the Industrial Revolution, in particular, childhood cancer. A genocide moving at the speed of a glacier, so slowly no one notices as a sleepwalking society assumes cancer is normal. Sick? Really? If you believe that, then you need to find a new god.

Abruptly, we see life through vastly different lenses. There’s no other focus than getting the living foods into my wife’s temple so it can do what it has evolved over 250 million years to do: to heal using nature and to express perfect health. Next week: wheatgrass shots.

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