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Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Democratic Primary (contested only)

For a complete list covering the entire Hendricks County voting area, visit co.hendricks.in.us/department/division.php?structureid=43.

 US REP (District 4)

Tobi Beck (D-Avon)

Roger Day (D-Avon)

Roland Ellis (D-Kokomo)

Darin Patrick Griesey (D-Lafayette)

Joseph Mackey (D-Lafayette)

Veronikka M Ziol (D-Demotte)


Jason Burcham (D-Brownsburg)

Sandra Gorsuch (D-Brownsburg)


Charles Bender (D-Avon)

Mike Zonder (D-Avon)


Republican Primary (contested offices only)

For a complete list covering the entire Hendricks County voting area, visit co.hendricks.in.us/department/division.php?structureid=43.


Mike Braun (R-Jasper)

Luke Messer (R-Greensburg)

Todd Rokita (R-Indianapolis)

US REP (District 4)

Jim Baird (R-Greencastle)

Steve Braun (R-Zionsville)

Kevin Grant (R-West Lafayette)

Diego Morales (R-Plainfield)

James Nease (R-Frankfort)

Tim Radice (R-Lafayette)

Jared Guy (R-West Lafayette)


David Cox (R-Avon)

James Reynolds (R-Plainfield)


Fred Arkanoff (R-Brownsburg)

Michael T Clouser (R-Brownsburg)

Mike Farrell (R-Brownsburg)

Angela Delp (R-Brownsburg)

Dorothy McIntyre (R-Brownsburg)


James Disney (R-Danville)

Beth Harvey (R-Danville)

Deelynna Oliphant (R-Danville)

Patsy Wynn (R-Danville)


Ed Gaddie (R-Plainfield)

Daniel Kinnamon(R-Plainfield)

Charles Morris(R-Plainfield)

Toney Perona(R-Plainfield)


Dana L Carter (R-Brownsburg)

Kendall Hendricks(R-Brownsburg)

Lael Hill(R-Brownsburg)

Emory Lencke (R-Brownsburg)


James Tygrett (R-Avon)

Greg Zusan(R-Avon)


Jeremy Eglen (R-Avon)

Dawn Lowdon(R-Avon)


Dennis Dawes (R-Brownsburg)

Chris Keeler (R-Brownsburg)


Tom Pado (R-Danville)

Dennis Wynn (R-Danville)


Chris Gerald (R-Danville)

Marcia Lynch (R-Danville)


Hendricks County Council, District 1

James Reynolds

Professional/Personal Background: I grew up in Hendricks County and attended Avon High School. I am married with nine children. I currently have four kids in high school and two in elementary. I work as a Small Business owner and attend IUPUI, finishing my degree in Environmental Health Science and Political Science, after which I intend to pursue medical school. I have been a member of the armed forces for the past 20 years where I currently serve in a senior leadership position. I completed a combat tour in Iraq from 2005-2006. In addition to my military experience, I have over 13 years of law enforcement experience as well. While working for the Marion County Sheriff’s Department I served in many different capacities. I was selected to work as one of only two K-9 Deputies on the Sheriff’s Department at that time. I worked as a Court Security Deputy in one of Marion Counties most challenging courts. I am certified as a Crisis Intervention Team member (C.I.T.), trained to deal with people suffering from a mental health-related crisis. I served as Criminal Warrants Investigator during which, I completed S.W.A.T. School. This training when equipped with my experience in leadership lead me to become the Marion County Assistant S.T.A.R. Team leader, which is the tactical response team that conducts high-risk entries.

Civic/Religious affiliations: I am a member and serve as a Trustee with VFW Post#12153. I am also a current member of the Avon American Legion. My family and I attend Plainfield Christian Church where I volunteer as part of the Security Ministry Team.

What is your greatest strength as a leader? My willingness to stand up for the taxpayer. I don’t believe in doing something just because it is popular. I am not timid and don’t mind going against the grain. I hold myself accountable for my own actions. I don’t believe in making decisions behind closed doors that you are not willing to openly discuss with the people you serve. I believe in being firm, fair, and consistent.

What is the greatest strength of your community? The greatest strength of my community is simply its people. No matter how long you are away you can come to Hendricks County and feel right back at home. The people here are welcoming. You can get that sense of pride in their community from talking with them and seeing it through their actions.

What are three priorities you would like to achieve if elected?

I want to ensure fiscal responsibility within the county. We owe this to the citizens we serve, and it should always be a priority and not an afterthought. We need to spend wisely and invest for the long run.

We need to continue improvements to our infrastructure. The burden is already high, so we must strive to alleviate the problem and not continue with the business as usual mentality. I know that working collectively our county can make great strides here.

I want to work as a team with our Law Enforcement, Fire, EMTs, and other county employees to ensure they have the tools necessary to do the job and duties entrusted in them and that we as a county set them up for success. These are people that make up the backbone of the county, the people we depend on daily when things get rough.

Contact info: www.JamesReynolds.org



 Danville Town Council (Ward 3)

Chris Gerald

Professional/personal Background: Journeyman lineman, certified lost control professional, certified OSHA instructor, youth sports coach, read up volunteer

Religious  affiliation: West Bridge Church

Greatest strengths as a leader: Ability to hear all sides and objective decision making. Leading by example and never ask anyone to do anything that Would put them in danger

Greatest strength of your community: Small town feel, Danville has a feeling of family

Three priorities you would like to achieve if elected: Promote rooted growth, improve safety programs for the town and its employees,  and bring a fresh perspective to the council.

Danville Town Council (Ward 1)

Tom Pado

Military –  US Navy Submarine Veteran, Electronics, Diving and Submarine School

Civilian – Physics at Indiana University, Oceanography at Florida Tech., Ocean Engineering at Florida Atlantic University. Two-year internship at the Smithsonian Institute in deep diving research.

CEO and founder of Total Marine Technology Ltd. A manufacturer and operator of subsea robots.

Today, I am a member of Rotary, Phi Delta Kappa and the American Legion. All of which raises money for worthy causes around Danville. I also give motivational lectures to our high schools, universities and leadership Hendricks to help our kids on their journey through life.

Religious affiliations: Catholic

What is your greatest strength as a leader? I guess leadership is, after one year on the council, I was appointed Vice President of the council, President of the Police Commission and Member of the Town planning committee. For the last 30 years, before I retired, I was…

Brown Township Trustee

Tom Kmetz (R-Brownsburg)

Professional/Personal Background:  I am the current Brown Township Trustee.  I am also a Chief Financial Officer in the healthcare industry, as well as a Certified Public Accountant.  I am married to my wife Kristal, and we have 2 sons, one attends Purdue University and the other attends Brownsburg High School.

Civic/Religious affiliations:  We are members of St. Malachy Parish in Brownsburg.  I am also a member of MedFlight Indiana, a group of volunteer pilots who fly sick kids to medical facilities far away at no cost.  I’ve flown patients to Duke University, Morristown NJ, Waukesha WI, Toledo OH and other points in between.  We also support Sheltering Wings, Catholic Charities, The American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, The Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Relay for Life, and the Purdue University for Cancer Research through various activities, including donating sightseeing airplane rides for silent auctions.

What is your greatest strength as a leader?  My greatest strength is my financial experience and the integrity I bring with that experience.  As a CPA, I am held to a very high standard.  I will do what is right for the taxpayer, and I will not compromise for any special interest group.  Integrity goes into every decision I make.

What is the greatest strength of your community? I think trust.  My community puts a lot of trust into individuals to do what is right for the community.  This is why I am running.  I have proven that I am the leader who can be trusted, from cutting taxes in Brown Township to implementing procedures to eliminate the risk of fraud in the Township, to identifying nearly $10K in fraudulent checks written by a predecessor.  I told voters 4 years ago that I would clean things up and that is exactly what I did.  Brown Township voters can trust that I will do what I say and get it done.

What are the 3 priorities you would like to achieve if elected?  1) Make sure our firefighters are trained and have the best equipment they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.  We started this in my 1st term with new fire engines (without any increases in taxes), and it is my priority to make sure we continue this pattern, without raising taxes.  2) Sensible budgets and safeguarding of assets.  I will continue to make sure we don’t spend money on any services we do not need and use current funds wisely for reasons that support the Township as a whole, not for any special interest group.  3) I will continue to take care of the underserved.  We cannot turn our backs on our neighbors in need, but we must make sure we provide that care in a responsible way.

Contact Information: www.electkmetz.com 



Nate Mantlo (R-Brownsburg)

Professional/Personal Background: I grew up in a military family, and worked as a ranch hand to pay for college and a Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry. I have worked over 30 years in the private sector, authored 51 scientific papers and am inventor on 38 patents.    My wife Bronwen and I moved to Brownsburg 19 years ago because of the wonderful school system where our three children graduated.

Civic/Religious affiliations: I was an early and consistent leader of the successful Fight against Brownsburg North Annexation, and am currently the Chair of the Brown Township Board of Trustees.

What is your greatest strength as a leader? My greatest strength is my ability to solve complex problems and the courage to see them through to execution.

What is the greatest strength of your community? Our community has great strength and resolve to come together after going through problematic and divisive issues.

What are three priorities you would like to achieve if elected? 1) Reduce the Brown Township Trustee Pay by 50% in my first year and find the $50,000.00 in capital assets missing since 2014. 2) Reduce Township citizens tax burden by using our tremendous cash reserves to fund Township matters instead of levying tax. 3) Ensure a top-notch fire protection territory a steady township assistance program.

Contact info:




Center Township Trustee

Judy White (R-Danville)

Professional/Personal Background:  I am the Center Township Trustee. I have held this position for 15 and a half years. I worked in the Trustee office for 14 years prior to that, and I also worked for the Township Assessor for nine years during that time. I am married to Ken. I have two sons, Rick and Randy, and four grandchildren, Moneka, Courtney, Corinne and Evan.

Civic/Religious affiliations: I am a member of the Danville United Methodist Church and the President of the Danville United Methodist Women. I belong to many organizations. I am the Founder of the West Point Parents Club of Indiana, and the Danville Chamber of Commerce Public Servant of the Year Award for 2001.

What is your greatest strength as a leader? Honesty, Integrity, and Compassion. Those qualities have always been important to me in my personal life, and my job.

What is the greatest strength of your community? Our community is very welcoming to our visitors, and to new families moving here. It continues to grow. It is essential for our Township to keep up with that growth.in serving our citizens. My job is 24/7.

What are the 3 priorities you would like to achieve if elected?  One of the very important priorities is to continue to ensure our Fire and EMS personnel have the best and safest equipment possible. Center Township owns all of the equipment with the Danville Fire Department. We pay the majority of the payroll. The Town picks up the rest and houses our equipment. I do all of the billing for the Center Township/Danville Ambulance Service. Public Safety is definitely a priority for me. Another area of importance is the assistance to our low-income families who qualify. It is rewarding to see them get back on their feet, so they can become productive members of our community again.

I maintain nine cemeteries including Danville’s large South Cemetery. Eight of the nine cemeteries have had the stones cleaned and replaced, and they have new fences around them. Danville South Cemetery has been paved, and the mausoleum has been cleaned and repaired. The rest of the work is in progress.

The overall priority is to serve our citizens with the improvements we have already made. There are plans for continued achievements in all areas. Our citizens are wonderful people, and truly deserve the best service we can provide. I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue my service to the community.


Scott Strong (R-Danville)

Professional/Personal Background: Scott Strong grew up on a 550-acre Hog and Grain farm.  He spent over 20 years in Corporate America and works at a Big Four accounting firm. Scott graduated from Purdue University with a BS degree in Ag Sales and Marketing and has a Master’s in Business Administration, Masters in Arts in Advanced Leadership Studies and Education Doctorate in Organization Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University. Scott has 12 computer certifications and had functional assignments working for fortune 500 companies in Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, Corporate Communications, and was a former High School teacher. He is an Adjunct Professor at Indiana Tech where he has taught over 175 Graduate/Undergraduate classes in Business Management, Leadership, and Technology.

Civic/Religious affiliations: Past Indiana State FFA Vice-President, Past Indiana FFA Alumni State President, WYRZ fundraising committee and provided on-air Political analysis, Founder/Fundraiser of County FFA Foundation (raised over $10,000), Indiana Speakers Association “Outstanding Member for the Year,” Hope Center Outreach Ministries-Leader for Encouraging Words Prayer Team, Indiana; Leadership Forum ‘Class of 2015’-Developing leaders in Public Policy and Government affairs.

What are three priorities you would like to achieve if elected?

Center Township residents have the highest township tax rate of any township in the Hendricks County. My Top priority is to reduce the administrative cost of the Trustee Office back to 2014 spending levels. My second priority is to use the savings to pay off the township debt and give a tax cut to residents to bring our Tax rate in line with other townships without cutting any government services. After this is completed we would be able to increase our spending to better support the Fire Department with the budget savings.

What is your greatest strength as a leader? Scott has strong interpersonal and communications skills which he developed as a former HR manager which allows him to be a good leader and steward of public resources.  This allows him to bring consultative leadership approach when dealing with difficult situations while providing excellent customer service to meet the needs of people he leads in a timely manner.

What is the greatest strength of your community? Center Township is a wonderful community in Hendricks County with a great Fire Department and supportive community that helps fellow residents in time of need and makes everyone feel safe and at home.

Contact info:



Center Township Board

Patsy Wynn

PROFESSIONAL /PERSONAL BACKGROUND: I am Patsy Wynn.  I am seeking re-election to the Center Township Board.
My professional background is one of diversity,  I was Deputy County Surveyor of Hendricks County for 10 years.  I worked closely with developers to establish drainage criteria for the developments in Hendricks County.  It was during this time that the Hendricks County Drainage Ordinance was established.  I attended many conferences relating to drainage runoff. After retiring from the County, I began a career in the Indianapolis Public Schools as a reading teacher for Gambold Middle School.  Gambold received the highest reading markers several times during my tenure.  I retired as a Reading Teacher from Northwest High School. I have attended many conferences and training sessions for the Township Board and was recently awarded in October 2017 the Indiana Township Board Member of the Year.
I was born in a small town in Mississippi, Itta Bena, which is Choctow meaning, “Home in the Woods”. I had the normal childhood growing up in the cotton fields of Mississippi with all the rhythm and blues you could want.  I attended the University of Mississippi and met my husband.  I have lived in Danville most of my adult life. I was married to the late Dennis Wynn for 40 years and two sons, Dennis and Joseph, and four wonderful; grandchildren: Jackson, Domnick, Noah, and Mya.
CIVIC / RELIGIOUS affiliations: I currently serve as Member of the Center Township Board and President of the Joint Board of the Danville/Center Township Board; member of Tri Kappa, Alpha Associate; and a member of Alpha Omicron Pi; and a member of the Mary Queen of Peace in Danville, and have sung in the church choir for twenty years.  I am an active Republican and have served as Precinct Committeeman and as a Delegate to the State Convention. My religious affiliation is Roman Catholic.
GREATEST STRENGTH AS A LEADER: My greatest strength as a leader is to make decisions in the best interest of the local community. My focus has always been and will continue to be public safety and fiscal responsibility.
WHAT IS THE GREATEST STRENGTH OF OUR COMMUNITY? The greatest strength of my community is to choose leaders in the best interest of the Community. Everyone in Center Township has always done what is best for it citizens.
WHAT ARE THREE PRIORITIES YOU WOULD LIKE TO ACHIEVE IS ELECTED? I believe that the best decisions regarding the use of taxpayer money are made at the local level and I want to ensure our government officials are held accountable for the decisions they make.  I am concerned about the safety of our community.  My main focus will be supporting our Fire and EMS services in a fiscally responsible manner,

Lincoln Township Trustee

Joe Walsh (R-Brownsburg)

Professional/Personal Background: Lineman for Comcast Cable Corporation.  17 year Army Veteran.  Iraq combat veteran. B.A. Business management. Two children in Brownsburg schools.

Civic/Religious affiliations: Brownsburg American Legion Post 331 and VFW.

What is your greatest strength as a leader? Open to new ideas and goal orientated. As a combat veteran, I continue to use the US Army’s core values in my everyday life.

What is the greatest strength of your community? Growing town that values its small-town roots.

What are the 3 priorities you would like to achieve if elected? 1) More transparency and what all functions of the office entails. 2) Create a website for the township to allow residents to keep up to date with all current information and Make applications easier to access. 3) Ensuring public safety is held in high regard yet also managed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Contact information:



Donovan Peoples (R-Brownsburg)

Bio: Retired owner of Peoples Promotions. Prior to that, 25 years in banking. Wife, Andrea, son Craig and two grandchildren. Graduate of the University of Indianapolis with an associate degree in business.

Civic affiliation: Active in Kiwanis for 33 years, served as Indiana Kiwanis Governor in 2004-2005. Graduate of Leadership Hendricks County. Volunteer service with many boards and organizations.

Greatest Strength: Experience in duties of Township Trustee, maturity, ability to work with others toward common goals.

Community Strength:  Lincoln Township continues to add population, due in large part to our outstanding school. This growth sometimes brings challenges, particularly in the area of township assistance requests for help with utilities, rent. Etc.

Priorities> Provide all required township services in an efficient and timely manner, while maintaining a budget that doesn’t burden residents. Continue to improve Lincoln Park. Maintain Greenlawn Cemetery property to provide a respectful place for relatives to visit their loved ones.




US Congress, 4th District

Diego Morales

Professional/Personal Background: Indiana University for undergraduate, MBA from Purdue University, Global MBA Tilburg University, Senior Adviser to Vice-President Pence, when he was Governor of Indiana, Chief Business Development Officer for Sodrel Holding Inc., former small business owner of a logistics company, U.S. Army Veteran. I am Pro-Life, pro-second amendment, and pro-job creation.

Civic Religious Affiliations: Christian

What is your greatest strength as a leader? As an Army Veteran who is driven by faith and conservative values, my greatest strength as a leader is my ability to perceive where a need or problem may be and then take the necessary steps to find and implement a solution. We need more common sense solutions out in D.C. for Hoosiers.

What is the greatest strength of your community? Right now I consider my community the 4th District. I think my community’s greatest strength is its ability to come together to support one another, especially our men in uniform and fellow Veterans. I have never seen my community stronger than when another member is in need.

What are three priorities you would like to achieve if elected? When I get elected, I plan to stand firm with President Trump and Vice-President Pence to support their vision for a stronger America. I want to ensure we secure our borders and enforce immigration laws protecting each and every American. I want to grow our economy by reducing government regulations, lowering taxes, and cutting federal spending. Lastly, I want to fight for our military and Veterans ensuring they receive the utmost respect and care after serving our nation.

Contact Info: Michael Sorenson: 260-410-7113, sorenson92@gmail.com


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