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1911 Grill

1911 Grill

An Option

Hearing the news of SIKarting partnering with Indianapolis Motor Speedway for go-karts inside the Track during the month of May, made me hungry! Headed to 1911 Grill home of SIKarting. Co-owner Andy O’Gara with his wife Sarah Fisher, former IndyCar driver and the new chef have worked to streamline all aspects of 1911 Grill.

The new improved menu made my mouth water including the vegan and vegetarian options. I started with the Tater Kegs as an appetizer, tater tots stuffed with cheese and bacon topped with cream cheese. My salad selection was the Very Berry Salad full of fresh berries and housemade raspberry vinaigrette. Protein choice was the Filet Sliders, tender slices of prime rib. Needless to say, I wasn’t hungry when I left. Everything was delicious. Next visit I’m going to order the key lime pie.

Off to IMS Midway Oval for a go-kart ride during Indy Grand Prix, Qualifications or Race Weekend. Maybe all three weekends with $5.00 per ride for 12 laps! #ThisIsMay


1911 Grill

1067 N Main St.

Speedway, Indiana



Ben Weaver, Brownsburg

Certified PGA Professional

Where do you like to dine?


What do you like there?

Boneless wings with hot sauce, ranch and curly fries with cheese.

What do you like about this place?

Good food and lots of memories with family and friends there.



Punch Bowl Social

120 S Meridian, Indianapolis

Kiss the Bricks

Pierre Ferrand Cognac

House-made pear syrup

Freshly squeezed lemon

Bitter Truth Pimento Dram


Spray with of Allspice

Orange peel expressions

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