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City of Greenwood plans downtown fieldhouse

City of Greenwood plans downtown fieldhouse

The City of Greenwood is moving forward on plans to preserve and repurpose the gymnasium located on the 19-acre former Greenwood Middle School property. During its recent September meeting, the Greenwood Redevelopment Commission (RDC) reviewed initial plans for stabilization and selective demolition of the middle school – excluding the gymnasium – which will serve as a starting point for a new downtown fieldhouse.

Demolition is anticipated to cost approximately $1.1 million, and city officials have already begun planning and design of the future fieldhouse. The project begins redevelopment of the downtown property, which Greenwood purchased in 2017.

“We’ve reached a major milestone in our efforts to revitalize Old Town Greenwood,” said Mayor Mark W. Myers. “Infrastructure improvements surrounding the former middle school property are already underwaybut this is the first project to redevelop the actual site. To attract residents, businesses and visitors to the city’s core, we must continue to invest in a diverse array of public amenities that improve our quality of life. Greenwood is already seeing a return on previous investments, and this project will continue downtown’s tremendous momentum.”

The fieldhouse follows a number of recently completed projects to redevelop Old Town Greenwood, including a modernized Community Center, Amphitheater Park upgrades, trail additions, a new Nature Center, and the addition of more than 170 new parking spaces.


Citing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform the heart of the city for current and future generations, Myers last year revealed a vision for the future of downtown Greenwood.

Current and future projects planned for in and around the former middle school property include:

        1.9 miles of new or reconstructed streetscape

        9.9 acres of new or upgraded open space

        75,000+ sq. ft. of potential retail/office space

        Proposed construction of 450+ apartments and 130+ townhomes

Plans are conceptual at this point, and city officials continue to have discussions with private developers during this initial phase of infrastructure construction.

“This is Greenwood’s moment,” said Myers. “Our plans for the future of downtown are creating a thriving city core that is walkable and connected to trails, parks and dynamic public gathering spaces. We’ll have diverse, authentic amenities, seamless integration of greenspace and opportunities for all ages to live, work and play in downtown Greenwood.”

If approved, the RDC will fund demolition of the former middle school. Greenwood’s Parks & Recreation Department is leading planning and design for the fieldhouse.

For more information and updates on ongoing projects, visit greenwood.in.gov.

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