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Buy the ticket, take the ride!

Buy the ticket, take the ride!

By Rick Hinton

There are strange oddities that can happen to a paranormal investigator that defy rational explanation; however, you don’t have to be a ghost hunter to have strange things happen to you. When paranormal investigators buy a ticket to take the ride on the paranormal train, it’s something they’ve signed up for; for others, not so much thrilled with the prospect of an otherworldly encounter, the experience is a shock! While it remains a paranormal occurrence – you don’t have to be a ghost hunter to have one.

Stories have been reported from people not in the least interested in ghosts:

  • Overhearing family members having conversations in various rooms of a home when they are not even present. One theory is this is a residual occurrence, like a tape-recording playback, regardless of the fact that the voices heard belong to people still very much alive. Another theory is it’s “something” mimicking these folks.
  • A husband or wife hearing the voice of their spouse while totally alone. Same theories as above and a lot more implications of a personal nature.
  • One woman heard a very distinct voice ask her … “Why don’t you sleep in your room?” It was during a period when she was not sleeping in her own bedroom, and the voice was her own! Internal head dialogue? Maybe.
Strange voices from the top of the stairs? Do you investigate? (Photo by Rick Hinton)
  • One woman commented on an experience of hearing voices. “It was clear and sounded exactly like us. The first one was at 9 p.m. My 8-year-old son was yelling, “Mommy, I threw up.” He was sound asleep! Forward to 4 a.m. My husband, who fell asleep in his office, heard me yell, “Time to get up, honey! I was sound asleep upstairs with my son, and never wake my husband at 4 a.m. So far that’s it, but it was real enough for us to seek answers. …”
  • One woman had a loud conversation with her brother, with them yelling throughout their house. Her brother’s voice eventually trailed off into an unintelligible mumble. It turned out she was the only one at home! Her parents have since experienced hearing each other’s voices, and that of the brother.
  • Finally, a man heard his brother’s voice call to him as he brushed his teeth in preparation for bed. The call seemed urgent. Thinking the brother needed help, the man responded and got no reply. The brother, as it turns out, was in another bathroom brushing his teeth and had not said a word. “At that point I felt really strange, and something told me that this wasn’t my brother and that maybe answering his voice may have not been a good idea. I didn’t sleep well that night.”

Although these experiences were auditory in nature, they happened to those not pursuing any supernatural encounter. When you not only hear, but also start seeing stuff, then the party really begins! These types of experiences are what lead many to get involved with ghost hunting; they are curious and seek answers. The paranormal often finds you, whether you seek it or not.


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