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Bum-rushed by a shadow figure in northern Indiana: it tried to evict me

Bum-rushed by a shadow figure in northern Indiana: it tried to evict me

By Rick Hinton

Paranormal investigators – those of a serious mindset – during their nightly excursions have one goal in mind: evidence. This evidence can be of an audio nature, temperature fluctuations, photo or video abnormalities and numerous communication devices with twinkling lights and buzzers. Yet, one grand experience remains – the sighting of a ghostly apparition!

Physical apparitions are a rarity, and the holy grail of any paranormal investigator. One may never witness this throughout their entire ghost hunting career. However, as a consolation prize, shadow figures seem to be a common thread as investigators spin their evidence web through the darkness of the night. It’s like fishing; they seem to bite. And … when bum-rushed by a shadow that is darker than the night, and seemingly as tall as a house, let the good times roll!

Shadow figures can be the size of a softball or as tall as a grizzly bear. They can take a somewhat human form or be like a mass of smoke. They most often follow the curious investigator, appearing at floor level, along a wall or even on a ceiling. We will most often catch a glimpse out of our peripheral vision, or on occasion, straight on. They are blacker than the surrounding darkness and can appear without a moment’s notice. There have been reports of some shadow figures having red glowing eyes. Paranormal investigators, and common folks not inclined to seeking out spooky presences, have varied reactions to these sudden appearances. They either shriek and run; go into a martial arts defensive stance; or stand impassively and wonder what the hell just happened.

The second floor and an appointment with a shadow figure. (Photo by Rick Hinton)

I had my first experience with one in a former Odd Fellows hall in northern Indiana. In the second-floor hallway, a tall thick shadow appeared at the far end and literally erupted into a bum-rush from one end to the other – in a nano second – passing through me and then disappearing like a whisper. I reacted, going into a defensive stance with my fists held up in the air. I held my ground, feeling that whatever it was wanted to evict me from the building. It didn’t evict me that night, and I have returned to that location many times since without a repeat of this occurrence. Some say I am stubborn. There is some truth to that. That night the building needed to show me something more intimidating than that to send me packing into a cold Indiana winter night and a long drive home!

What did it feel like as it passed through? It was a cold air mass. Others have reported the same, in addition to a tingling like an electrical surge. It made the hairs on their arms stand up.

My wife, Laura has experienced shadow figures moving about our bed at home. She watched as it moved about the walls, moving from her side of the bed to mine as I snored oblivious to paranormal ramifications in my own home. The bedroom window is on the back side of the house, so no car headlights can enter to cause this effect.

Shadow figures. Some feel they are apparitions not fully formed. Some are of the opinion they are evil nasties with a hidden agenda. Others feel they were never human and in a category all their own. Yet, in the general scheme of paranormal investigations, they most likely are what you will encounter if you so choose to seek out a ghostly experience. Your reaction to this encounter is totally up to you.


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