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Buildings that retain … spirits that remain

Buildings that retain … spirits that remain

By Rick Hinton

People carry an agenda – and personal aspirations – like a suitcase during their relatively short sojourn on earth. Then … they move on, replaced by a new group of wandering souls with the cycle starting anew. Houses and buildings play a part in this stroll through life and do not fade; instead they remain a remnant of a past era. Buildings age as we do (although at a much slower rate), continuing to hold a fingerprint from periods of personal history and discovery; some good, some not so good. If only a building could speak, the stories they could tell. Or, perhaps they do. …

Beech Grove … Southport … Franklin … Bargersville … Greenwood, all have their fair share of these buildings. And some – with a little nudging – can be quite chatty. Older homes and buildings in small towns continue to remain standing for the most part as years roll forward, and unless destroyed by fire or some natural catastrophe, tend to remain longer than their counterparts in larger cities where a critical eye is directed toward redevelopment.

It would appear that the preservation of the past is a strong focus upon small-town mentality. Thank goodness that it is!

If the former Masonic Lodge in Southport could talk, the stories it could tell! (Photo by Rick Hinton)

There have long been theories that certain people – for a variety of reasons – can and will leave an “imprint” behind after their earthly departure. This usually involves the homes and buildings with which they were associated. Much like a sponge, these buildings will soak in the fiber and essence of these once mortal souls and replay them like a continuous loop of film. There appears to be no rhyme or reason … it just happens. While there may have been good interactions with many structures, there also may have been those on the dark side. This is where it gets interesting. Some folks – known as sensitives or mediums or a slew of other names – are more receptive to these lingering spirits than others. I would suppose that’s either a blessing or a curse, depending on your perspective.

Some of these talented folks can “see” the past lives of these individuals who’ve placed their imprint from another era. Guess what? They were people just like us, each having their own distinct personalities. They lived, loved, laughed, cried, felt pain and then passed on as we all will; and, quite possibly have influenced these structures of brick and wood they left behind. There can be consequences for present-day owners, and especially those who are a sensitive on a paranormal team. Everyone reacts differently to a given situation. Choose your battles wisely.

Buildings do develop some semblance of a personality as a result of those who have graced their interiors for a short span of life experiences. Some become imbedded and a permanent fixture. Some remain behind for only a short time. Paranormal investigators are the dealers of time passages. People come and go, yet the buildings they frequented remain behind – timeless. And quite often … voices carry on even beyond death.

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