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Big win for Southside residents as Johnson Memorial Health joins Mayo Clinic Care Network

By Todd Travis

As of Aug. 31, Johnson Memorial Health has officially joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a select group of independent health care organizations carefully vetted and granted special access to Mayo Clinic knowledge, expertise and resources. “My understanding is that the discussions have been going on for a few years. Johnson Memorial started a pretty serious vetting process with Mayo Clinic earlier this year, as Mayo Clinic doesn’t just lend their brand to just anyone,” said Jeff Dutton, marketing director at Johnson Memorial Health.

Now that the collaboration has been finalized, the physicians at Johnson Memorial Health will have access to Mayo Clinic clinical solutions and services which include:

  • AskMayoExpert

AskMayoExpert offers providers a database of concise clinical information on hundreds of medical conditions, and includes medical protocols, treatment recommendations and medical references.

  • eConsults

eConsults enable physicians to contact Mayo Clinic specialists for second opinions on specific patient cases when they believe additional input will benefit their patients.

  • eBoards

eBoards are live videoconferences that enable medical teams to virtually review and discuss complex cases with a team of Mayo Clinic specialists and doctors from Mayo Clinic Care Network health systems.

  • Health Care Consulting

Health Care Consulting provides access to Mayo’s extensive experience, knowledge and subspecialty expertise to attain clinical, operational and business goals.

“I can speak for the community leaders that serve with me how exciting this collaboration is for our organization and for our community,” said Major General R. Martin Umbarger, JMH board of trustees chairperson. “This is a major milestone in the history of Johnson Memorial Health, and I couldn’t be more proud.”

This collaboration is not a merger or acquisition. According to Mayo Clinic Care Network, members remain independent health care providers dedicated to serving the needs of their communities.

“We are honored to enter into this collaborative relationship with Mayo Clinic,” said David Dunkle, M.D., president and CEO of Johnson Memorial Health. “Our providers will be able to consult directly with the world’s leading medical experts, enhancing the outstanding care we already provide to the people of Johnson County. Best of all, our patients will have access to Mayo Clinic’s research, diagnostic and treatment resources through their Johnson Memorial Health provider at no extra cost to them.”

One of the biggest benefits to Johnson County residents will be the access they are getting right here at home. “If there is a tough to resolve case, physicians at Johnson Memorial will have access to this information which is known to be the finest medical research in the world,” Dutton explained.

For more information about Johnson Memorial Health visit johnsonmemorial.org.

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