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Beech Grove Middle School student sells her own artwork on Main Street

Beech Grove Middle School student sells her own artwork on Main Street

By Angela Morefield

Emily Wall is an up-and-coming local artist who attends seventh grade at Beech Grove Middle School. She may be young but has as ambition and dreams far beyond her years.

Wall started her own business as an artist, and her artwork is on display and for sale to the public at New Dey Rising Cafe & Bakery, 702 Main St., Beech Grove, owned and operated by Dey Dommer. Wall spends her weekends at New Dey with hopes of her budding business in mind. She paints and draws at the café and helps Dommer with chores.

Emily Wall is a seventh-grade
student at Beech Grove Middle
School. (Submitted photos)

“I spend most of my free time here,” Wall said. “I love being here with Dey; she went to art school, so she helps me a lot. Plus, I love the food here.” In fourth grade, Wall received a ribbon for the first time in a Beech Grove art show. She continued receiving first-place ribbons for her artwork in subsequent years. Wall has also participated and received first place for chalk art competitions at Indiana State Museum and Beech Grove Main Street.

“I originally started painting professionally at the end of fifth grade after many years of just regularly drawing and sketching,” Wall said. “My parents and teachers are really supportive.” Wall creates a variety of artwork. From clowns, people and animals, to ocean scenery, trees and abstract designs, she creates art that catches eyes of all ages. Wall has also participated in the art club that the school offers, and she enjoys playing clarinet in the school band.

Wall’s artwork is displayed and for sale at New Dey Rising Café & Bakery on Main Street.

She is a part of the Beech Grove Artist Collective and enjoys spending time learning from them. “I am also hoping to join more art collectives then just Beech Grove Artist Collective,” Wall said. “I hope to get more into sculpting with clay and many other materials.” Wall is hoping to get more of her artwork sold and grow her business. She loves to learn new techniques and is eager to try them. Wall uses the money she makes on her artwork that is sold to buy more art supplies. If you want to learn more about Wall, see her artwork and support her business, you can find her at New Dey Rising Café & Bakery on the weekends sitting at her table while creating her one-of-a-kind local art. The artwork is also for sale every day that the cafe is open.

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