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Be thankful for Hendricks County

Be thankful for Hendricks County

Nature is a huge part of Hendricks County.

Every town and the county have developed a parks system ranging from active pickleball courts to passive forests. Drive west a few miles, and you are in farm country.

It’s something we all should be thankful for.

But there’s life in Hendricks County. The Visit Hendricks County website, has a photo gallery with just a smidgen of things to do and places to go. http://visithendrickscounty.com

Plus, sitting adjacent to Marion County and all of its urban offerings make Hendricks County an ideal place to live, work and play.

We should stop for a minute and be thankful.

But these amenities can be found in other places. Parks, trails, restau- rants and trees line other towns and counties.

What makes Hendricks County special are its people. From a simple acknowledgement in passing to part- nerships that change the course of our lives, this is what we all should be thankful for.

Our residents are passionate and compassionate. We may disagree about some things, but in the end, we unite for another cause. Hendricks County is hospitable to its guests and our neighbors.

And that’s something for which we can all give thanks.

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