Barn at Bay Horse, Ritz Charles announce partnership

Barn at Bay Horse, Ritz Charles announce partnership

The Barn at Bay Horse Inn owner Amanda Cottingham today announced that Ritz Charles will become the exclusive hospitality provider at the event center beginning in 2019.

The partnership will make Ritz Charles the sole operator of food and beverage for events such as weddings, banquets and other ceremonies at the Barn at Bay Horse Inn.

“I am very happy and excited to hear the great news of this partnership between the Barn at Bay Horse Inn and the Ritz Charles,” Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers said. “This partnership will enhance the quality service that is already provided at the Barn at Bay Horse Inn and is sure to bring more awareness and visitors to Greenwood.”

With more than 75 weddings and events already booked for 2019, the Barn at Bay Horse Inn is once again on pace to become one of the busiest event centers in central Indiana for a third consecutive year, prompting Cottingham to look into the idea of an exclusive catering and hospitality partnership. In prior years, the Barn at Bay Horse Inn offered a variety of menu options from various catering providers. The partnership allows Cottingham and her staff to focus more on booking the event center without also having the operational duties. Client specialist Jennifer Carr will step into a new role as sales lead at the Barn at Bay Horse Inn. All existing client contracts will still be honored, Cottingham said.

“I’m constantly seeking efficient ways to improve the quality of the customer experience at the Barn at Bay Horse Inn,” Cottingham said. “This partnership is going to provide our guests with quality hospitality that will only enhance our reputation as a premiere event center in central Indiana.”

As her interest in identifying a caterer that would be a good fit for the event center, Cottingham crossed paths with Ritz Charles co-owners Bill Nicholls and Mark Safranek, who happened to have an interest in bringing their company’s polished reputation to the Southside of Indianapolis, primarily in the city of Greenwood. Executive Chef Warren Myklos is a resident in the Center Grove area of Greenwood. Myklos headlines a staff of more than 100 on Ritz Charles’ culinary service team. Partnering with the Barn at Bay Horse Inn had just as much to with the catering company’s desire to work itself into the fabric of the Greenwood community as it did with being synonymous with Cottingham’s event center, Nicholls said.

“The Southside is a new opportunity for us, specifically Greenwood, and the Barn at Bay Horse Inn because of how beautiful it is. We’re really excited about this partnership,” Nicholls said. “It’s obvious that just a few years into its existence, this event center is a wonderful venue and as I spoke with the people who reside in Greenwood, such as our executive chef, it’s evident that the Barn at Bay Horse Inn is a needed entity for this community. We’re excited to be in Greenwood.”

In addition to its premium catering services, Ritz Charles will also offer affordable options through its subsidiary Simply Served, an affordable, budget friendly hospitality provider that will accommodate all guests to ensure anyone who would like to plan a wedding or host an event at the Barn at Bay Horse Inn can do so without having to compromise quality food and beverage options, Nicholls said.

On Thursday evening, the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual holiday celebration at the Barn at Bay Horse Inn. Greenwood Chamber of Commerce President and Chief Executive Officer Christian Maslowski announced the news of the partnership to a crowd of more than 100 guests at the event center.

“The Barn at Bay Horse Inn has really improved our quality of life in Greenwood,” Maslowski said. “It’s been a wonderful community gathering place for both business and family celebrations. This is a first class, quality venue, and it’s really exciting to see Amanda add some first class, quality catering.”

Ritz Charles will officially become the sole hospitality provider on Jan. 1, 2019. Smokehouse Barbeque with Keith Johnson, a local favorite, will continue to be a menu option at the event center.

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