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Avon Avenue roundabout complete for first day of school

By Lindsay Doty
Photo courtesy Town of Avon

The new roundabout at Avon Avenue and 150 South near Avon High School is open to drivers. Crews worked around the clock to meet the July 30th deadline.

“It feels really good and the contractor deserves all the credit,” Avon Director of Public Works Ryan Cannon said. “If you were out there, they had workers putting up lights, people installing signs.  It was a little chaotic but it does feel really good to have it done in time for school.”

The roundabout is designed to improve traffic congestion and safety.

“It’s going to be a huge improvement and more efficient for drivers and high school kids exiting the school,” Cannon said. “Before it was a two-lane road, so if you wanted to turn left to go into the high school, it would back up.”

Avon received federal funding for the $2-million project in 2014. It was submitted for funding as a safety improvement after several car accidents in the area.

Town leaders hope the roundabout will also help ease traffic to Dan Jones Road.

Drivers who will routinely use the route were enthusiastic about the completed roundabout on social media.

“This will be amazing,” wrote Nikki Marie. “Living on 150 S., I’m sure it will improve the traffic backup going east to the high school immensely. Some days it used to back up to the Bridgewater entrance, and I can’t wait to get to my house easily again.”

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