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Athlete of the Month: Seth Jasek

Athlete of the Month: Seth Jasek

By Angie Antonopoulos

Seth Jasek, a senior at Center Grove High School and a starting singles tennis player for the boys varsity team, knows what it takes to get to play for a leading school’s tennis team.

For three years, he played junior varsity for the Center Grove Trojans, putting in time playing games, conditioning, running, taking private lessons and it now has paid off.

“I always try my best with anything I do,” said Jasek. “I do practice matches, conditioning, weightlifting, work on speed, changing directions and run three miles every other day.”

Jasek said he started hitting tennis balls with his dad the summer before sixth grade, when his dad gave him an old wooden racket. Since then, he has played tennis in middle school and high school. What Jasek says he enjoys most about tennis as a sport is rallying with the guys. “I love playing singles or doubles. If I had to play, I’m ready for each.”

Jasek’s mother, Lisa Jasek, said she noticed a shift in high school with his work ethic where he started applying himself in his schoolwork as well as on the tennis court. “He doesn’t want to let himself down,” Lisa said. “He always did the best he could and now he’s taking it to a different level.”

Lisa recalled how fast Seth was playing travel soccer when he was 12. “Most people couldn’t keep up with him,” she said, and now his drive is even greater. “When the pandemic hit, Seth did not stop,” Lisa said. “Every day he went out, he changed his mindset – really positive. He would work out from home and took advantage of the time.”

Seth’s father, Scott Jasek, noticed similar growth in his son. “He’s just a hard-working guy and commits himself,” Scott said. “Hard work has paid off. It’s a good lesson in life. He did it and succeeded. We’re excited for him.”

Seth said his coaches helped him with developing the mental side of the game – to push through during tough matches.

Seth Jasek. (Submitted photo)

Ivan Smith, head coach for varsity tennis at CGHS, said he has seen Seth’s passion for tennis increase and he is amazed at his growth as a player. “He always worked hard and now he’s in the starting lineup of a state-ranked team,” Smith said. “Even when he was younger, he always asked a lot of questions. As a coach, you always appreciate it … He’s the type of kid to do something else — he runs more and trains on his own time. Even during COVID, he stayed busy, practicing serves, hitting balls with teammates. He would do things without being told.”

David Beasly, assistant coach for varsity tennis at Center Grove, said Seth is a joy to work with.

“He’s super scrappy,” Beasly said. “He can dig deep. His biggest weapon is his mind. A lot of that mentality comes from the kid. You can’t teach that. It’s a testament to his hard work.”


NAME: Seth Jasek

YEAR: Senior

HEIGHT: 5 feet, 9 inches

AGE: 18

SPORT: Varsity tennis

POSITION: Starting singles

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Ping pong, weightlifting, running and bike riding

COLLEGE PLANS: Purdue University



PARENTS: Scott and Lisa Jasek


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