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An option: Ukiyo

An option: Ukiyo

My husband loves sushi, I’m not a fan. That changed after our visit to Ukiyo. Matthew Robey, chef de cuisine, said the menu is Japanese inspired with Sushi, Ramen and Kappo (hot & cold) restaurant with each item made fresh to order in three different kitchens. Chef Matthew recommended several items to showcase each kitchen. 

His suggestions; Shoyu ramen, chicken and dashi broth, pork chadhu, Mensa, cured egg, negi oil — the bowl is foundation element umami. For sushi the Nigiri flight; sake (salmon) with ikura (salmon roe), hakkaido uni with cucumber caviar and torched madai with charred scallions chili threads. For sweet the almond jelly made with dried cherry, orange, sake syrup and almond kinako.

Think pho for the ramen with layers of flavor in the broth. The sushi was delicious. The almond jelly was like a Japanese inspired Crème brûlée. 


4907 N College Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 


Chuck Day, Plainfield 

Where do you like to dine?

“I love the Coachman.”

What do you like there?

“The Coachman has fantastic prime rib. Growing up my mother made the greatest potato salad. The Coachman‘s potato salad is made fresh every day and tastes like moms.” 

What do you like about this place?

“The service and atmosphere is so welcoming. Not to mention Larry Paytner remembers everyone.”

The Coachman

6112 Cambridge Way

Plainfield, IN



  • Pursangre Reposado
  • Averna
  • Dolin Rouge
  • Coffee Beans 


530 Massachusetts Ave

Indianapolis, IN 

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