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An opinion about ghosts; are they fact or fiction?

An opinion about ghosts; are they fact or fiction?

By Rick Hinton

Ghosts … fact or fiction? Everyone has an opinion. Past polls indicate a great number of people are in the pro-camp. However, many folks on this side of the fence will never admit to a belief in the supernatural world due to perceived ridicule from family and friends; they stay quiet. On the flip side, those opposed to paranormal ramifications have no problems voicing their disbelief, often with a smirk on their lips. Whatever your view, the fact is the subject of the paranormal and ghosts is a multi-million-dollar market in Hollywood, television, physical “haunted” venues, along with countless books on the possibilities. And this won’t end anytime soon.

Theory designates that a ghost was once a living body, whether it be human or animal (Fluffy the cat?), once walking the earth and having their time under the sun, dying and then for whatever reason, never moving on to the next realm of existence. Why most move on, yet others don’t, is the million-dollar question. Again, theory is of the opinion that those remaining behind do so because of the manner in which they died – violent or sudden deaths, such as a result of an accident. There is also speculation that they could have formed such an attachment for earthly pleasures (home, a parcel of land, or to a person) that when it was their time to catch the train into eternity, they refused. Hmm? Free will upon death is certainly an interesting concept. If only we could ask these remaining spirits the details. Essentially, that’s what ghost hunting is all about.

A coworker in Ohio sent me this. A mother took a closeup photo of her son. They were the only ones in the home. Who is the woman with the grim look behind the boy? (Submitted photo)

Unfortunately that will not happen anytime soon due to the fact that, as of yet, no spirit has been lassoed, tied up and thoroughly questioned and examined. After all of the many years of paranormal investigations we are no closer to the truth than when this pseudoscience started.

Ghosts have many titles: spirits, spooks, entities, phantasms, apparitions or manifestations. While there are continued reports of dark, shadowy figures gliding effortlessly throughout purported haunted locations, many feel these are a different animal all together. We’re playing in a different ballgame game here, one with implications of an evil agenda.

What appears to be a form manifesting over the right shoulder of an investigator in Stepp Cemetery. (Photo by Nancy Dyer)

Are there ghosts in your home? In your business? They have been reported to look both solid and also misty transparent. Some have a glow about them. There is often a change of ambient temperature, making a certain area colder than others. Is there a sudden unusual odor (cologne, tobacco, food, rotted meat) that disappears as quickly as it appears? Perhaps you have been touched, poked, grabbed or scratched? Or even at night in bed: cold sweats, nausea, sleep paralysis, breathlessness, or a sudden rapid heart rate? Maybe you have a spectral house guest?

Pets have a sensitivity we don’t have. Many dogs are used in paranormal investigations. They don’t have the psychological baggage we carry, consequently their reactions to a location are worth noting. I tried a dog once, but it didn’t work out. Cats can be quite astute and observant, but I wouldn’t recommend taking one on an investigation; they might not come home with you.

Dance floor at Bobby Mackey’s in Kentucky. The figures at the table in the background were not members of our team. Photo by Rick Hinton)

Ghosts … fact or fiction? A lot of folks are adamant about their existence. Their numbers and experiences would indicate there just might be something to it all. Unless everyone – throughout  hundreds of years – is mass hallucinating, the paranormal has a firm foundation in our walk through life. It’s nothing to fret over; just remain observant.


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