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Top 10: complaints from the North Pole

Top 10: complaints from the North Pole

10. Somebody misunderstood the story about the chip shortage and ordered a few cases of Pringles.
9. Santa is renegotiating everything with the EU. Not the European Union but the Elf Union.
8. Yukon Cornelius caught the CoVid and now half of the production floor is on quarantine.
7. Reindeer have to run the electronic logs and there are to be no more all night runs.
6. The elves in the electronic toys production had a pizza party and watched the Lebron James Space Jam movie. Now they’re all sick and staying home.
5. China is refusing to ship due to being put on the “Naughty List” for that whole slavery thing.
4. Little Nonnie over in Elf Accounting lost big on his bitcoin fund and is ordering short.
3. The Island of Misfit Toys filed a class action suit for discrimination and ADA violations.
2. Little Nonnies girlfriend found out he was broke and dumped him for a troll in Maintenance.
1. Santa’s struggling to pass his CDL physical and was told to lose fifty pounds.

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