2019: A clean slate and empathy for the new year

By Wendell Fowler

Okay, phew! That was such great fun, but I’m relieved the holidays are over so we can resume eating and drinking sensibly … or not. With good intentions, most folks write an emotional, booze-inspired check for the new year, but don’t deposit money in the bank. A quality, disease-free earthly existence requires an investment. With each thought and choice, you and source co-create health; captains of your stardust starship.

The miraculous sacred temple you’re wrapped in whilst journeying earth in human form,  seeking truths of why we are here, holds the knowledge of the universe; the kingdom of God in all of us. However, it’s clear we’ve swept that inconvenient truth under the rug. If the temple is not maintained, then the journey will be short and shallow.

Backstepping from fresh and energetic, vitamin-packed plant food and washing down your twinkies, burgers and fries, and, gag, “poop tarts” with caffeinated soft drinks is, well, quite honestly, akin to flipping creation the finger and a subconscious death wish. This socially programmed behavior is clearly not working when you see obesity and disease rates steadily climb. Which brings me to the famous insanity definition: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Your health is the sum totally of your choices and your dietary IQ. Health is never an accident. It’s always the result of intelligent, informed effort and a shift to self-compassion and empathy for worried loved ones who need and want you in their lives.

This year choose to eat like the miracle that you are and give a crap about yourself and consider how your actions affect others. Like the terrified wife whose stubborn husband with prostate cancer still demands meat, potatoes and white bread.

You have an “etch-a-sketch” opportunity to start anew by seeking plant-based, dietary education that will most assuredly change the way you look at the food that either keeps you alive or wallowing in the mediocrity you’ve accepted as the best it gets. When you change the way you look at food, the foods you look at will change. This is the foundation of my four books you can order at: chefwendell.com

The truth regarding what we eat is still the truth, even if no one believes it. And a lie that a food is safe and healthy when it’s not is still a life even if everyone believes it.

Healthy, Happy New Year!

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