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‘You Should Smile More’

‘You Should Smile More’

By Stefanie Davis

April is National Humor Month, so here’s just the book to make you laugh. If you’ve ever had a terrible boss, you will definitely relate to this book. “You Should Smile More” by Anastasia Ryan is a humorous tale of a young woman named Vanessa who works as a telemarketer for a fictious company called Directis. Her real passions though are her foster kittens and her volunteer work with the local animal shelter. Her boss, Xavier Adams is known for his odd appearance and eccentric management style. Vanessa is eventually fired for her facial expressions, which her boss believes reveal that she doesn’t think highly of management and that she has a dark soul. Vanessa was ready to move on with life, but then her former employer tried to fight her unemployment claim. Now she is ready for revenge, and she couldn’t possibly prepare herself for the revenge her friend and former colleague has in mind. This revenge plan will surely destroy the company. A highly improbable tale of revenge against a bad boss and a fraudulent company, this story has a cast of quirky and relatable characters, a touch of romance, a lot of humor, and a happy ending. If you enjoy this story, you may also like these similar reads: “I’ve Got Your Number” by Sophie Kinsella, “The Flatshare” by Beth O’Leary, “This Won’t End Well” by Camille Pagan, and “Today Will Be Different” by Maria Semple.



“Weaving Sundown in a Scarlet Light: 50 Poems for 50 Years” by Joy Harjo

“None of this Would Have Happened if Prince Were Alive” by Carolyn Prusa

“Pizza Girl” by Jean Kyoung Frazier

“B.F.F.: A Memoir of Friendship Lost and Found” by Christie Tate

Young Adult:

“Dark Testament: Blackout Poems” by Crystal Simone Smith

“Reggie and Delilah’s Year of Falling” by Elise Bryant

“Danger and Other Unknown Risks” by Ryan North

“Inheritance: A Visual Poem” by Elizabeth Acevedo


“My Weirdtastic School #1: Miss Banks Pulls Lots of Pranks” by Dan Gutman

“Watch Me Bloom: A Bouquet of Haiku Poems for Budding Naturalists” by Krina Patel-Sage

The Human Kaboom by Adam Rubin

Eb & Flow by Kelly Baptist

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