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When you’re done with medicine, Hendricks County agencies offer disposal

When you’re done with medicine, Hendricks County agencies offer disposal

By Rick Myers

Waterways across the nation suffer, often contaminated with expired, unwanted or unused medications. 

Thanks to the Hendricks County Solid Waste District and all police agencies in the county, Hendricks County offers several easy places to dispose of old medicines. Don’t flush!

Wastewater treatment plants are not designed to remove all pharmaceuticals, and they leave trace elements of antidepressants, antiepileptics and other compounds experts detect in streams and rivers throughout the country.

In conjunction with the Hendricks County Substance Abuse Task Force, police departments in Avon, Brownsburg, Danville and Plainfield, as well as the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office, all have medicine collection boxes in the lobby. A collection box also sits in the IU Health West hospital lobby, and residents can drop off all medicines during the five Tox Away Days hosted by the district from April to October.

Last month, the Danville Police Department announced that residents dropped off 133 pounds of old prescription and over-the-counter medicines in only six months. This is a significant relief to not only law enforcement but to environmental safety and public health.

Anyone can use the drop boxes during normal business hours. There is no need to interact with the staff; just drop off the medicines and leave. 

Leave prescription or over-the-counter medicines in their original containers with personal information removed or marked out. Officials need to see the name of the drug and the prescribing pharmacy.

No illicit drugs, syringes, lancets, needles or thermometers are allowed.

Kudos to this collaboration by multiple agencies in our county to help clean up our waterways and safely dispose of medications.

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