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What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of?

By Mike Heffner

I think all of us as leaders have found ourselves at one time or another afraid. The fear of failing is one of the biggest things that keeps us from making decisions and moving forward. Fear can strip us of our confidence. How do we avoid being afraid during times of change, when things are not going great, or we need to commit to something? When you find yourself facing fear during turbulent times, try focusing on what has helped me over the years:

  • Define your why – When you understand your purpose and believe what you are doing matters then look for the decision to line up with your mission, vision and values.
  • Play to your strengths – You have been successful in the past. When making tough choices, lean on the strengths that got you to where you are and what has made you successful.
  • Be professional – The mindset of a person that looks and feels professional is one of confidence. Confidence starts with how we carry ourselves. It’s our thoughts, words and actions.
  • Get input as you create a plan – You need a plan to move forward. If you are struggling with what to do, start to seek input from your team, peers and family. Sometimes just talking things out with someone you trust gives you confidence or allows them to question you about your ideas.
  • Make small decisions to get to the big one – Fear retreats when you get things done. Negativity stays away when you accomplish things, even if they are small wins.

We have all had a decision or plan fail. And guess what? We all will again. We cannot allow the fear to strip us of our confidence. You know what you need to do. Focus on your plan and build positive momentum. We must allow our mindset to stay strong and take risks. Next time you’re afraid, focus on the things above, and your chances of success will be much stronger.

This article is written by Mike Heffner, the owner of the local Greenwood Express Employment Professionals franchise. Contact Mike at Mike.Heffner@expresspros.com, @IndySouthMike on Twitter or visit ExpressIndySouth.com.

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