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Welcome to the new ICON website!

Welcome to the new ICON website!

Thank you for visiting the new ICON website! We have added a few new features we hope you will find useful. Our front page is now setup into three distinct sections: The Featured Article section, which you are reading now, the Latest News section which lists all the latest articles from all three of our publications and finally the Latest Story section that displays the latest article from each of the 2 ICON publications.

The new ICON website now have an Events Calendar for you to post the current events in your home town! The calendar is accessed through the Community Calendar menu item and you can even select events by location segmented by the three publication areas. In order to post an event, you must register and then have your event approved by an editor to show up on the calendar.

You will still find archives of both of our past publications on the new ICON website by choosing the publication through the Archives menu item. Just select an issue and the full version of the publication is available for your viewing.

Are you interested in advertising? We now have more space on our new ICON website to accomodate your ads and can even target your ads to one or more of our publication’s geographic areas!

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