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Vote early and avoid COVID-19 infection concerns

Vote early and avoid COVID-19 infection concerns

The election is at hand. Voting begins in just a few days.

With the addition of voting centers and early voting, plus the renewed interest in ballots by mail, voting is strung out over 30 days, as opposed to the one-day affair it has historically been.

These days, you can vote in person or by mail as early as Oct. 6 at numerous locations. Ballots are being sent to those who have applied for the absentee by mail voting. Indiana’s voting center laws adopted by Hendricks County mean you can go to any polling location in the county to cast your vote in person.

Hendricks County is blessed to have excellent elections run by extremely talented officials. Elections run smoothly year after year. This year, we have a pandemic to deal with on top of the presidential election. Turnout promises to be big, if history is any indication.

The ICON urges voters to take advantage of the early voting options. There is a list of times and locations on the Hendricks County Election voter registration site at co.hendricks.in.us. Under quick links is an Election Info category.

There you will find absentee voting, in person and by mail information as well as candidate biographies. Voters can also use the link on election night for results or even get a peek at your ballot.

You can also meet the candidates at 7 p.m. Oct. 22 at Danville High School. There is a virtual  event specifically for the three open seats on the Brownsburg School Board at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 1 on BCSC.tv.

Local races are as important as the statewide and national contests. As a citizen of a representative democracy, the ICON urges you to be informed about the candidates and to vote your conscience early or on Nov. 3.

Online Voter Registration: https://indianavoters.in.gov/

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