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Top 10 movies to stream this week

By Bradley Lane

A Secret Love (2020): One of the most effectively told documentaries to come out of Netflix, A Secret Love is not to be missed. Having fell in love in 1947, two women recount their decades-long romance and are confronted with the problems of old age. (Available on Netflix)

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994): Jim Carey let loose at the height of his wildest performances; this film follows the titular character as he tries to track down the mascot of the Miami Dolphins. This one will not be for everyone; in fact, I suggest turning it off if you don’t enjoy it by the first 15 minutes. (Available on Amazon Prime)

Back to the Future (1985): Lead by the endlessly charismatic Michael J. Fox, Back to the Future is one of the all-time greatest blockbuster films of all time. Kid gets sent back in time, kid has to get back to his time, kid has to set his parents up, truly a tale as old as time. (Available on Hulu)

The Dark Knight (2008): What the best superhero movies of today are still compared to judge their quality; Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece stands as the gold standard of superhero movies. Morally ambiguous, violent and bleak, his vision for Batman is admittedly dark but is worth every minute of your attention. (Available on Hulu)

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986): This film is one of the happiest moviegoing experiences imaginable. Endlessly quotable, John Hughes cements himself as the king of the coming of age films with this tale about the greatest day of hooky ever. (Available on Netflix)

The Florida Project (2017): Filmed with a tender touch, Sean Baker tells the story of three children let free to roam in the shadow of the happiest place on Earth, in Kissimmee, Fla. (Available on Netflix)

Funny Face (1957): Audrey Hepburn, near the height of her celebrity, plays opposite legendary dancer and choreographer Fred Astaire in this story about an independent bookworm given the opportunity to model for a fashion magazine in beautiful Paris. It is an absolute treat to see two of Hollywood’s brightest stars work together on the same screen. (Available on Amazon Prime)

Monster House (2006): This creepy animated adventure has a lot more depth than other children’s films, in its telling of a very emotional story about love, loss and abuse. It isn’t all doom and gloom though; it is still an animated comedy about a haunted house. (Available on Hulu)

Misery (1994): Adapted from the Stephen King book of the same name, a famous writer becomes a captive to his biggest fan. Not for the squeamish, Rob Reiner’s only foray into horror is a masterclass in tension. (Available on Hulu)

Paths of Glory (1958): One of Stanley Kubrick’s earliest works, Paths of Glory has not lost its bite since it releases in the slightest. A commanding officer’s fight for three innocent soldier’s lives becomes an allegory for war at-large, and simultaneously one of the most iconic anti-war films of all time. (Available on Netflix)

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