Three Nativity students place in schoolwide spelling bee

Three Nativity students place in schoolwide spelling bee

On Jan. 23, the Nativity gym was the site of a keen competition – the schoolwide spelling bee. Forty students from fourth through eighth grades went head-to-head in a very tough competition!

Students competed in their individual homerooms to earn the right to participate in the school’s spelling bee. When they arrived at the gym, they were given final instructions and pulled numbers to decide the random order in which they would spell. Sitting in their numerical order, the students eagerly anticipated the start of the competition.

The spelling bee started with a practice round and then the competition began in earnest.  Our students competing this year were all excellent spellers – and we went through a couple rounds not losing many students at all.  The words gradually got more difficult, and as that began to happen, a few more students went out in each round.

Finally, we were down to three students: Jaxon Calhoon, seventh grade, Jackson Maples, eighth grade and Aubrey Silcox, eighth grade! This trio went through several rounds, where they all spelled their words correctly. Finally, Aubrey misspelled, leaving the two boys. Jackson Maples was the one to spell correctly, so he became champion on his final word, “positivity.” Our student audience was very well-behaved and supported all of our spellers very well.

Mr. Maples will be an awesome representative for Nativity Catholic School at the District Spelling Bee! If successful at the district level, he can proceed to the regional competition. The regional winners travel to Washington, D.C. for the national Scripps Spelling Bee competition. Our seventh-grade runner-up, Jaxon Calhoon, will compete, should Mr. Maples be unable to attend.

The spelling words used in our schoolwide competition are provided by the Scripps Howard national organization. We use the words from this list in the order that they are provided, although we can jump to different sections based on the level of difficulty.

We would like to thank Mrs. Margie Hamm, our sponsor and MC, and Mr. Brian Boyle and Mrs. Missy Mendoza for their assistance as judges.

Winners of Nativity Catholic School’s spelling bee are Jaxon Calhoon, seventh grade, second place; Jackson Maples, eighth grade, first place; and Aubrey Silcox, eighth grade, third place. (Submitted photo)

Congratulations to the following students who participated in our spelling bee:

4A       Makenzie Judkins                                            4B       Will Fox

Aubrey Kirkhoff                                                          Alexis Kabat

Sydney Martens                                                          Elaina Shutta

Olivia Mendoza                                                           Brooklyn Wethington


5A       James Deardorff                                             5B        Logan Estes

Sariya Kitchen                                                            Abby Helfrich

Danna Lopez                                                               Luke Maples

Sam Smith                                                                   Lauren Miller


6A        Becca Engel                                                    6B        Bennie Leffler

Taylor Gregg                                                                Lily Meagher

Leah Miller                                                                   Logan Neyenhaus

Brayden Treadwell                                                      Reggie Wilbur


7A       Sydney Kirkhoff                                                7B     Jaxon Calhoon

Audrey May                                                                Grace Daming

Melody Miller                                                            Madeline Daming

Maggie Smith                                                            Anthony Ianni


8A       Spencer Burge                                                 8B       Isaac Gomez-Alejo

Vinny Shives                                                              Jackson Maples

Aubrey Silcox                                                             Nathan Miller

Kaden Logan                                                              Alex Roy


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