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The paranormal enigma: paint it black

The paranormal enigma: paint it black

Are ghosts what we have always believed or are they something else? (Photo by Rick Hinton)

I get it! I really do. Weekly excursions into the great paranormal unknown, with a group of friends, can become a social gathering—sharing a common interest, reconnecting with old friends, and spending a few hours in mirth and mayhem while you play in the dark. Certain paying venues that you might do this in can be the real deal as far as being haunted. I have in the past frequented these because of not only the legitimacy of paranormal activity and associated history, but also for the friendships developed throughout the years. Yet, all along, I continued to ask myself—What was I looking for? 

   Was it “residual activity” (a tape loop of time and history playing over and over)? An adrenaline rush when the blackness became blacker? A voice on the audio recorder? Activity of a more intelligent nature that I could communicate with? Or…seeking sometime more ominous and dangerous? We may very well be dealing with a darker type of entity than Casper the friendly ghost. Yes, I quite believe we have been all along. This is an arena that is exciting for some and a warning to back the hell off for others. In-human spirits (those never having a physical life) are to be dealt with by a select few, and not those developing their talents at the Pay Per Views.

   Demonic entities could very well be the smoke and mirrors behind the paranormal. My direction of thinking has changed over the years. A reinforcement of my spiritual faith has nudged me in another direction. I am a minister and pastor. God keeps me busy. They say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, however in the art of ghost hunting, the term ‘flattery’ may well be a misnomer. Let’s replace that with ‘deception’!

   With our always changing times, current events, and prevailing clouds of evil in not only our fair city,  but across the nation and worldwide, I feel their time has arrived with serious intent. Anonymity’s taken a back seat. No need to hide anymore! The demonic realm encompasses inhuman supernatural beings of intelligence and power. Call them what you will—devils, demons, tricksters or imitators—they relish nothing more than a good challenge and consequent battle. They want to separate us from God in the end. Taking on a haunted location harboring the presence of demonic influence that is masquerading as something else is serious business and not meant for a meathead or the inexperienced. They will rip you apart and steer your life into a direction you do not want to go. Maybe it’s a generational thing? Maybe it will affect your health? Maybe it starts with oppression and ends in possession? Time is of no consequence. If you buy the ticket you will take the ride, one way or another.

   The majority of investigative groups—with training courtesy of the Paranormal Disney Worlds—are ill prepared to deal with this black aspect of the paranormal. In addition…many of these paying venues could house some semblance of demonic shenanigans. This is a scary prospect for those just wanting an evening of heart pounding thrills and chills by visiting a purported haunted location. For the demonic it has turned into a weekend parade of deception and fruit ripe for the picking!

   Is the paranormal over for me? Yes and no. I may not spend my weekends any longer lugging around cases of equipment and hunting, however, there is other work to be done.

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