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Thank you, Sharon Howell

Thank you, Sharon Howell

Since 1997 Avon has been lucky enough to have Sharon Howell as its clerk-treasurer. Few public officials are better at their jobs.

Town manager Tom Klein said Howell was a great problem solver. Numerous times she had to track down the source of an expense in order to balance the books. She always passed her state audits and reports.

Howell is retiring this year and several accolades are coming her way. Governor Eric Holcomb awarded her the Circle of Corydon award that recognizes remarkable contributions to the betterment of Indiana and Hoosiers through service. She was also given a drawing of the Avon Town Hall signed by employees and officials. 

No one deserves them more. Howell did her job well. She watched over budgets, completed the reports, kept the public and personnel records and paid the bills. She was a true public servant.

She was an institution for Avon and its greatest cheerleader. She shied away from politics and focused on the necessary work to keep the town rolling. Truly, a great example of public servant.

Beyond all that and more importantly, Sharon Howell is a great friend. No one smiles more than she does. In my time working with the town, I would always stop by her office and talk about life. She was a hugger. If she knew you, she hugged you. They were good hugs, too.

Klein said she was the “go-to” person for employee advice and was willing to help anyone at any time. 

The Hendricks County ICON wishes Sharon and Bob all the best in retirement and sincerely thanks her for her service.


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