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Texas transplant Stanley a girl of diverse interests, talents

By Mike Beas

It’s an uncommon combination, really, but Bailey Stanley is sticking to it.

The Brownsburg resident, who turned 10 on August 22, and has only lived here a year after her family moved to Hendricks County from Fort Worth, Texas, aspires to one day write books and become a chef.

Whether or not Stanley eventually blends the two by penning a cookbook of her favorite kitchen concoctions remains to be seen. Just know that at this point in her young life, it probably shouldn’t be considered a reach.

Earlier this summer, Stanley, a young lady of varied interests, was named county champion and reserve grand champion in geology at the Hendricks County Fair; she was eventually awarded a Blue Ribbon in the same category at the State Fair in Indianapolis.

Stanley was also cited at the local level in photography (color and black/white), cake decorating, archery, robotics, foods baked, scrapbooking and for the how-to archery poster she put together.

Bailey was awarded the Blue Ribbon in geology at the Indiana State Fair. (Submitted photo)

“This is Bailey’s first year of 4-H,” said her father, Jonathan. “I think they get a lot of different skills out of it, and just a lot of researching different topics. Bailey did everything from geology to baking, doing nine different projects. Two were for photography and two were archery.

“She loves archery, but I think it’s a close tie with art, though. She’s kind of good at everything, but Bailey loves to draw, paint, take photos and write stories.”

Bailey Stanley secured blue ribbons at the county fair in every one of the above categories, earning honors ribbons for her archery poster (also reserve grand champion).

“My mom and dad got me into it,” said Bailey, a fifth-grader who, like her two brothers, Colt, 11, and Sawyer, 7, is home-schooled. “I just like it. All of it. Probably the fact that I got to go to the State Fair was my favorite part.”

Not often does one find a 10-year old who can explain the nuances of archery, write about it, know the differences between Igneous and Sedimentary rocks, and still be able to whip up a tasty batch of gluten-free double-chocolate cookies.

Welcome to Indiana, Bailey Stanley.

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