Summer break is all about fun in the sun

Summer break is all about fun in the sun

By Angie Norris

Most of us were finally able to get out of the house and enjoy fresh air and time with family this past weekend with the stay-at-home order lifted. While I have really enjoyed sharing activities for the family inside at home these past few weeks, let’s venture outside this week and enjoy the sun with our families and friends!

Water balloon toss

It’s getting warm out and the kids are all out of school now. Summer break means fun, sun and of course, playing in water! One fun way to get out and enjoy the sun with our family and friends is to have a water balloon toss. For this, all you need is a whole lot of water balloons filled. Make two rows of people, one row on one side with their partner across from them. Start close to each other and toss the water balloon to your partner. After the whole row has gone, whoever didn’t drop their water balloon steps back one step. This repeats until everyone has dropped their water balloon and there is only one team left. The last ones to have their water balloon wins!

Friends and family gather to play water balloon toss. (Photos by Angie Norris)

Homemade slip and slide

Don’t have a pool or any balloons but still wanna have fun in the water? No problem! Grab some trash bags from your kitchen or garage and duct tape them together to make a long slide. Grab your water hose and set it on the top part of the slide so the water runs down, and there you have it! Instant slip and slide for a fun summer break day.

Outside games

Try getting outside and setting up a few fun games for the family to try. You could have a cornhole tournament and see who scores the most bean bags. Throw a baseball, play kickball, or badminton. Or even just set up a table, grab some cups and see who can stack the highest cup tower.

The Norris family takes a nature walk on the trails.

Nature walk and ride

Most of us have been stuck in the house for weeks, even months. What better way to get out and help get ourselves back into shape than to go on nature walks or rides? Find a nice spot that has a good trail and get your family out there for a long walk or even a bike ride. You could take a picnic with you and take a lunch break halfway through to make it even more fun and give you energy for the rest of the walk. See how many different trees you can find, count how many miles you’ve gone, or even make up silly ways to walk, or silly songs to sing.

Summer break is all about fun in the sun and playing in the water for most kids. Make your family’s summer break more memorable this year by trying these fun outdoor activities.

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