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Staff vs. Students

Staff vs. Students

Saints Francis & Clare Catholic School end Catholic Schools Week with a volleyball match

By Nicole Davis

The winning Team includes, from left, Abby Roach, Steve Imel, Susanna Phillips, Bradley Doherty, Sarah Eckhart, Jerry Cecil, Pam Wells, and Rebecca Stone.

After a close match, the staff came out victorious at Saints Francis & Clare Catholic School’s (SSFC) annual volleyball tournament against the eighth grade students.

Above, Hali Tichenor dances and cheers on the staff during the the staff vs. students volleyball game.

The tournament is an annual celebration, marking the end of Catholic Schools Week, a week of festivities centered around Catholic education in the United States. The entire SSFC school body gathered in the gym near the end of the day on Friday, Feb. 2 to cheer on their favorite team. Some students held signs, stating ‘Go Staff,’ or “Go 8th Grade!’ With a lot of back-and-forth on the scoring, it came down to the final minutes as the staff pulled off the win.

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