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St. Susanna in Plainfield gets new pastor

St. Susanna in Plainfield gets new pastor

By Lindsay Doty
Father Robert Hausladen has been assigned to St. Susanna Catholic parish in Plainfield. The 50-year-old pastor comes from St. Joseph and St. Ann in Indianapolis. He will be leaving St. Ann,  but will still continue to serve at St. Joseph.
“I will be splitting my time between St. Susanna and St. Joseph, but am aware that the great majority of my time and ministry will be required at St. Susanna because of its size and the extent on its ministry, most significantly, its school,” Hausladen said.
Father “Rob” has been doing school masses since January at St. Susanna. With a background in high school teaching and faith formation,¬† he looks forward to focusing on religious education.
“I highly value Catholic education from my own experience and upbringing and will love to get more involved with the lives of our students and staff,” he said. “I am also excited about becoming more aware of and involved with the religious education of children and adults, as well as, the many other active ministries and opportunities of the parish.”
The move comes during a time of mourning for St. Susanna parishioners. Longtime pastor Father Glenn O’Connor passed away in March after a battle with cancer. In the same week, Father Kevin Morris, a former St. Susanna pastor, was killed in a car accident.
“There is much healing left to be experienced with the loss of Fr. Kevin and Fr. Glenn, two beloved long-term pastors, but that is the whole point of our faith and church: to live in the hope and joy of our Lord and to help one another draw closer to our ultimate joy in Him,” Hausladen said. “I just look forward to sharing that experience and calling with the St. Susanna and Plainfield community.”

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