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Southside construction update

Southside construction update

Compiled by Nicole Davis

Does it seem everywhere route you take, there’s construction either causing a traffic jam or making you detour? With so much happening at the moment, it may be hard to keep up. Each week through the “construction season,” The Southside Times will share about some local projects to keep you in the know.

As always, be mindful of our construction workers and drive safely!

University Heights: As a continuation of the public safety plans announced by University of Indianapolis President Robert Manuel, the university has worked with the city to have four mid-block crossing signals installed along Hanna Avenue. The signals will be located near Otterbein Avenue; near Wesley Drive; between the Otterbein Avenue and Wesley Drive crossings; and near State Avenue. These signals will enhance crossing safety for students and community. Work on this project started May 9 and should be completed within the next week or two. Only one crosswalk will be temporarily closed at a time while the work is being completed.

Franklin Township: Beginning on or after May 16, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works plans to close the portion of South Franklin Road between Southeastern and Troy Avenues to replace the bridge over Miller Ditch. Local access to residents and housing additions will be maintained. Franklin Road is expected to fully reopen to traffic in late August. During the closure, northbound traffic will be diverted using Southeastern Avenue, Northeastern Avenue, Post Road and East Troy Avenue to rejoin with Franklin Road. Southbound traffic should follow East Troy Avenue, Post Road, Northeastern Avenue and Southeastern Avenue. When complete, the approximately $980,000 superstructure will feature wider travel lanes and a new six-foot sidewalk on the bridge’s west side.

Southport: Indianapolis engineers looked at the bridge near Main Street and Derbyshire Road and came up with a plan to temporarily repair the bridge for this year. The work is now complete. The bridge is slated to be replaced next year.

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