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Southside construction update

Southside construction update

Compiled by Nicole Davis

I-69 Indianapolis: Retaining wall construction for the future I-69 overpasses has restricted Wicker Road to one lane only. Temporary traffic signals have been installed in the work zone to control two-way traffic. Construction of the future I-69 lanes and interchange will require a long-term closure of Epler Avenue and Belmont Avenue west of State Road 37. Expect the closure to begin in early October once utility crews have cleared the area. For more information, visit i69finishline.com

I-69 – Johnson County: The future I-69 interchange at State Road 144 opened partially on Sept. 16, removing another stoplight and improving the safety of State Road 37. Two new ramps are open and two more are under construction, requiring a detour. The traffic signal at Banta Road south of State Road 144 is still active. Pay attention to this intersection as it is the only traffic signal between Smith Valley Road and Evansville, Ind. State Road 144 traffic has shifted onto new pavement and the new bridge over future I-69. Old State Road 37/Waverly Park Road has reopened north of State Road 144 at a temporary traffic signal. Traffic approaching a roundabout should always yield to traffic already in a roundabout. This is the case where the new State Road 37 ramps intersect State Road 144.

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