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Southside construction update

Southside construction update

Compiled by Nicole Davis

• Indianapolis: Last week, the Indianapolis City-County Council approved $25 million dedicated to residential street resurfacing in 2024, marking the third consecutive year of funding for the rehabilitation of streets across Indianapolis neighborhoods. A key part of Mayor Hogsett’s infrastructure plan announced earlier this year, this funding pushes the total to more than $100 million invested in residential streets since 2022. Proposal No. 262, 2023, which was passed with unanimous, bipartisan support, allocates $25 million for residential street improvements to the Department of Public Works. The funding will help with the design, construction, and inspection costs related to residential street improvement projects. The 2024 Indy DPW budget proposal includes an added $100 million to the department’s five-year capital operating plan under Hogsett. The plan will increase the five-year capital plan to $1.2 billion. Under the current administration, Indy DPW’s annual capital budget has grown from $123 million in 2017 to a requested $363 million for 2024. In the first two quarters of 2023, Indy DPW has completed 38 projects. Many of the projects planned for 2023 are underway and 17 more projects are expected to bid and begin in 2023. The full allocation of Indy DPW’s 2024 budget will be voted on by the City-County Council on Oct. 16.

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