Southside businesses reopen doors with new public guidelines

Southside businesses reopen doors with new public guidelines

By Angie Norris

With most of the state reopening for business and others preparing to open, there are many new guidelines and requirements customers face when going to restaurants, salons, gyms and retail stores.

“The guidelines have changed so much; we’re just using common sense,” said Lisa Moon, owner of The Blue Caboose, a thrift store in Beech Grove. “I have no employees right now. It’s just me. No masks required as people touch their faces all day trying to adjust them. They don’t wear them right. if someone is high-risk and wants to wear a mask, that’s their business. Social distancing is up to 100 people; as a small business it’s not a concern to have that many people in at once. We’re basically back to business as normal. I use a ton of hand sanitizer and it’s offered to every customer.”

148 Wellness, a Greenwood ministry and gym, has reopened but will still offer online workouts and personal training services. (Submitted photo)

148 Wellness, a nonprofit ministry and gym in Greenwood, started an online virtual workout and personal training during quarantine with Amber Storvick, certified personal trainer. They are opening their doors and starting classes back at reduced sizes. Physical therapy has resumed, as well as counseling. “The benefits of a private gym is that we can monitor everything closer than other gyms, so we know exactly what’s going on and who’s coming in and whether or not everything’s getting cleaned properly,” said David Storvick, minister and counselor at 148 Wellness.

The gym will offer masks to everyone, but they are not required. Every station will be cleaned after either the trainer or the trainee has used the equipment, with an antibacterial solution that kills viruses. Semi-private training will continue with no more than six people at a time as well as one-on-one personal training. “We are back open to our clients and we are looking forward to getting back to normal.” Storvick said. He noted that the gym’s virtual workouts and personal training will still continue with plans for growth.


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