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Sip on this

Sip on this

By Nicole Davis

There’s nothing better than that first sip of a hot drink on a cold day. Tired of the same chain on your way to work for your morning cup of joe? Want to support a locally owned coffee shop that gives back to the community? What about a quirky place to hobnob with local artists? Center Grove and the area immediately surrounding it has plenty of options for all, whether you’re a remote worker or student needing that hand-crafted espresso drink (or two) before a deadline or meeting a friend to indulge in something sweet.

The National Coffee Association released a study in 2020, stating that seven in 10 Americans drink coffee every week, and 62% drink coffee every day. Imagine the impact to our local economy if more of that spending could go to small businesses. Next time you’re looking for a cup on the go – think local, or maybe try something new!

Coffeehouse Five

323 Market Plaza, Greenwood; 41 W. Monroe St., Franklin, and coming soon to Bargersville coffeehousefive.com

Coffeehouse Five was born in 2011 out of a desire to serve the community. “We do this by not only creating an inviting and comfortable space for connections but also by providing free marriage and addictions counseling that is supported by the revenue generated from the shops,” stated Brian Peters, owner. “As we say it, we want to be THE place for coffee, community and compassion.” While Franklin and Greenwood look very different, they have created an inviting, warm and comfortable environment at both.

Coffeehouse Five’s Franklin location was designed also to create an inviting, warm and comfortable environment. (Photo courtesy of Coffeehouse Five)

Most popular drink: The Signature Maple Caramella

Most unique drink: Currently, Honey Golden Milk Latte

Most popular food item: Breakfast Biscuit with a Parmesan Chive Biscuit

Best Kept Secret: “We wish it weren’t a secret, but we roast all of our coffees at our Franklin location.”


916 E. Main St., #112, Greenwood, root2risewellness.net

Elaine Mitchell stated that she started Root2Rise to bring healthy options to the Southside while also being able to educate on nutrition and offer a gathering place for people that is healthy and calming. Root2Rise partners with Brickhouse, Tinker and Indie Coffee Roasters to offer more delicious menu items for caffeine lovers! The shop’s atmosphere is designed to be Zen and earthy depending on the music of the day.

Most popular drink: Anti-inflammatory juice

Most unique drink: Beet root latte or lavender lemonade

Best non-coffee offering: Acai bowl

Best kept secret: The tropic Indy is not listed on the menu anymore but was when the shop opened, and they still get requests!

Beverages at Strange Brew Coffee have been crafted with skill and love since 2005. (Photo by Madi Richardson)

Strange Brew

4800 Smith Valley Road, Greenwood, strangebrewcoffee.com

Strange Brew has existed in its current location since 2004. Husband-and-wife team Dan and Toni Carr purchased it in 2005 and have run it ever since. They both have a sincere love of coffee (Dan lived in Italy and Seattle for a time) and wanted to live that coffee shop atmosphere that they both appreciated so much. “It’s been so much fun, and we love being here in Greenwood,” stated Toni. She said the shop is designed to feel like a quirky, late-90s cafe. “We aren’t as sleek or modern as some of the newer places; our drinks are crafted with skill and love!”

Most popular drink: It’s a toss-up between Blonde Bombshell and the Holiday Grogg brewed coffee.

Most unique drink option: The aforementioned Blonde Bombshell! It’s a white mocha made with blonde roasted espresso. An extra caffeine kick (did you know that typically it’s the lighter coffee roasts that have more caffeine?) and sweeter than traditional coffee.

Best non-coffee offering: In-house brewed chai. It’s brewed from scratch and it’s an all-day process! Then they add honey, spices and sweeteners. When steamed with milk, vanilla and almond, it’s a perfect tea latte!

Most popular food item: Breakfast croissant or pumpkin cream cheese muffins. The muffins are made in house, the croissant is a sandwich that you can customize with your choice of cheese, sausage or bacon. (They also have many vegetarian and vegan options!)

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