Silk Scapes in Southport closes after 35 years

Silk Scapes in Southport closes after 35 years

By Amy Moshier

Sometimes feelings and respect for an individual who is moving into a new phase of life bring out sadness and sentimentality.

This is the case with Jim Small, owner of Silk Scapes at 3850 Southport, who is revered by employees and customers alike. “He is a special person,” said Kaylan, an employee. “It’s an amazing place to work and Jim is an amazing person. He could see potential in people. And as the years go by, you would learn and blossom.”

Silk Scapes, which specializes in home décor, custom creations, silk designs and wedding items, will be closing by the end of September. All items are on sale.

The Southport store, owned by Jim Small, has been in business for 35 years. (Submitted photos)

Small has had the business for sale for the past few years. He will continue to work with local clients.

Some customers heard about the closing through Facebook, where many have expressed sentiments. “It is bittersweet to see Silk Scapes closing,” said customer, Kim, in a Facebook comment. “Thank you for your help with many weddings and other projects over the years.”

When asked his favorite memories, Small couldn’t decide. “Oh, golly. There’s too many to decide. I am on work overload,” he said. Small has been in the business for 35 years.

The store is having a sale on all items before it closes.

There is a glimmer of hope for customers to still enjoy Small and his intricate floral designs. He will still work out of his house and do private parties or holiday events, he reported.

Employee Mary Ann is still in bittersweet mode. “I am very happy for Jim, that he has sold the store. He is ready for retirement. I have worked at the store two-and-a-half years, but I shopped here about 10 years before that. I love the store and all its offerings. Anything you need to make your home uniquely beautiful. On the other hand, I’m like everyone else. Bittersweet. No other store has this type of unique service. Jim has made customized designs for homes all over the city.”

Small’s character is almost more wonderful than his designs, according to Mary Ann. “Jim personally is one of the best people I have ever worked for. A very hard worker, fair, honest, caring.”


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