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Shooting details incomplete, victims identified

Shooting details incomplete, victims identified

By Gus Pearcy

Brownsburg Police still don’t know the motive for the shooting which occurred Tuesday early afternoon at the intersection of 56th and North Grant streets. What they have been able to piece together in the last 36 hours is bizarre.

Police identified Seth Robertson, 36 of Indianapolis and Joshua Hayes, 22, also of Indianapolis as the victims in the gunfight which began in the Brownsburg Cemetery.

According to a BPD press release, Hayes drove to the cemetery where he approached Robertson and another, unidentified male and began to start shooting. Police call the second man Victim 2 because the story gets even more incredulous.

Robertson and Victim 2 separate and run different directions. Hayes goes after Roberts and, after a foot chase, shoots and kills Robertson. Hayes then turns to Victim 2 and chases him through nearby neighborhood to 56th Street. Throughout the chase, police say Hayes was shooting at the second victim. The chase ends on 56th Street when Hayes catches up to the second unidentified male.

During the chase, an errant round struck another male whom police named Victim 3. This third victim appears to not have been involved with any of the other participants. 

However, Victim 3 was a licensed conceal and carry citizen who witnessed Hayes preparing to shoot Victim 2 in the head. The third victim pulled his gun and shot Hayes who died on scene.

Victim 2 and 3 were treated on scene and released after providing statements.

Police say there is no known connection between Hayes and any of the victims. Police are not charging either men who survived, saying that the only criminal conduct was done by Hayes.

The Brownsburg Police will turn over all evidence and witness statements to the Hendricks County Prosecutor when the investigation is complete.

Brownsburg Police ask if anyone has information about the case to contact Investigations Division at 317-852-1109.

Shooting scene investigation on July 14, 2020 at Grant and 56th streets. (Photo by Eric Pritchett)


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