Scotty’s Brewhouse in Brownsburg permanently closed

Scotty’s Brewhouse in Brownsburg permanently closed

By Faith Toole

Scotty’s Brewhouse in Brownsburg closed permanently Wednesday evening. The closure is now part of a long list of closures including the downtown Indy location. The Brownsburg location opened in 2014, run by a third-party entity SL Brownsburg, for several years.

“Unfortunately, the independent owner, SL Brownsburg made the abrupt decision to close Scotty’s Brewhouse Brownsburg at the end of business on Wednesday, June 12,” said Brand Manager, Ashley Merder. “We would like to thank the wonderful employees for their years of service and dedication to Scotty’s Brewhouse. The team is what made this Brewhouse a home to so many locals.”

Scotty’s Brewhouse in Brownsburg closed its doors on Wednesday, June 12. (Photo by Faith Toole)

Patrons were notified with a message taped to the door. “On the evening of June 11, 2019 Pots and Pans Production (P&P) was notified that the owner, SL Brownsburg, dba Scotty’s Brewhouse, made the ultimate decision to cease operations immediately for the Brownsburg location, effective June 12, 2009. We, Scotty’s Brewhouse Company, had no intentions of shutting this location down, nor in this manner with little to no notice or preparation.

“Due to the location being owned by a third-party entity, it ultimately became SL Brownsburg’s decision on when to cease operations. Unfortunately that decision came abruptly on the evening of the 11th with little to no notice to P&P. While the operations have been shut down effective immediately on June 12, all affected team members can anticipate being paid their full wages for this location on Tuesday, June 25, 2019.

“While this is an unfortunate set of events, P&P, on behalf of Scotty’s Brewhouse, wants to issue its sincerest apologies to all the Brownsburg team members whom are and have been directly affected by this third-party entity action. We want to thank all the affected team members for their loyalty, tenure and support with Scotty’s Brewhouse.


The Scotty’s Brewhouse Team”

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