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Samuel Bryan Chapter, NSDAR, shares resources with local educators

Samuel Bryan Chapter, NSDAR, shares resources with local educators

Now that the new school year is in full swing the Samuel Bryan Chapter, NSDAR, is excited to share with the educators in Perry, Decatur and Franklin townships an opportunity to participate in many of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution’s education programs.

The Samuel Bryan Chapter of Beech Grove has put together for the convenience of educators, homeschoolers, parents and students all of the DAR essay contest, lesson plans, scholarship information and other programs all in one Educators Resource booklet.

It is available now on the homepage of the Samuel Bryan Chapter’s website for FREE to download at samuelbryanchapterdar.com/

The Educators Resource booklet explains how to access lesson plans for kindergarten through eighth grade and high school lessons for ninth – 12th graders. Age and grade appropriate lessons include subjects as the Constitution, Washington spies and fun facts about our flag and the symbolism it holds, just to name a few.  There are also lesson plans on family research, genealogy and DNA.

The DAR also awards medals and certificates yearly for the American Essay contest for fifth- through eighth-grade students. This year’s topic concerns the Second Continental Congress and the delegates from the 13 colonies.  The Second Continental Congress was instrumental in shaping what has become the United States of America. Students are to imagine they are a delegate and write about what they would feel is essential and what their state would want to accomplish. There is also the DAR Good Citizen, the DAR Youth Citizen and many other contests in that students may be awarded medals and certificates.

Members of the Samuel Bryan Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). Pictured are Kim Shepherd (left), Molly Sanders (center) and Patricia Moy. (Submitted photo)

As preparation for the upcoming America Semiquincentenial or the America 250, high school students can write about a Patriot of the American Revolution that they believe influenced the course of the American Revolution and contributed to the founding of a new nation. Students can choose who to write about: a well-known figure or write about an everyday man, woman, or a child who supported America’s Independence.

There is also a listing of informative DAR websites, such as the E Pluribus Unum Educational initiative that focuses on telling the stories of underrepresented and diverse Patriots of the America War of Independence.  There is also a link to download the resource Forgotten Patriots that list the biographies of the hundreds of identified African Americans and Native Americans.  The DAR has also identified many Spanish and French allies that assisted in the fight for independence, such as Bernardo Vicente de Gálvez and Pierre Joseph De Kergariou, respectfully.

There is also scholarship information for seniors entering college and for the adult seeking scholarship information to continue their education.

The DAR is passionate about educating America’s youth.  Teachers and students are encouraged to explore the available resources and take advantage of the different programs DAR has to offer.

The DAR was founded in 1890 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit, non-political volunteer women’s service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history and securing America’s future through better education for children.

If you have questions about any program or need more information, contact the Samuel Bryan Chapter member by the email given at the bottom of the page inside our booklet or contact the chapter by their email: samuelbryanchapterdar@gmail.com

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