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Roncalli seniors receive Franklin College Presidential Scholarships

Roncalli seniors receive Franklin College Presidential Scholarships

Franklin College presented Roncalli seniors Anna Povinelli and Taylor Turk each with a Presidential Scholarship on Friday, Dec. 15. Only 10 of these scholarships are awarded annually. The scholarship is valued at $40,000 per year for a total of $160,000 over four years at Franklin College. 

The Roncalli seniors were automatically considered for merit-based awards when they applied to Franklin College, but they had to compete at Franklin’s day-long competition where students were interviewed, wrote an essay and attended presentations to earn the scholarship.  Taylor Turk, daughter of Erin and Anthony Turk, has committed to play basketball at Franklin College. Anna Povinelli is the daughter of Martha and Andrew Povinelli. Both families are members of St. Jude Catholic Church. 

“We are so excited for Taylor and Anna! The award is a perfect representation of the hard work they have put in to get where they are today. Our students continue to distinguish themselves through academic achievement, service and all-around excellence,” said Steven Freck, college and career counselor at Roncalli. 

Principal Kevin Banich (Roncalli 2009) added, “We are extremely proud of Anna and Taylor! They are two fantastic Royals who are well deserving of this scholarship!” 

Franklin College offers a variety of scholarships and grants that are awarded based on academics, talents, and need-based. 

Academic scholarships are awarded to admitted students based on the student’s GPA. Awards range up to $22,000 per year and are renewable for all four years.

The Ben Franklin Scholars Day is an invitation-only program that allows admitted students to compete for the college’s most prestigious academic scholarships. To qualify, students must possess a 3.9 GPA or higher (on a 4.0 scale) at the time of admission.

The Franklin College Alumni Grant will be awarded to admitted students who have a parent, grandparent or sibling who graduated from Franklin College. The Alumni Grant is $2,000 per year and is renewable for all four years.

Families who have multiple students attending Franklin College simultaneously will receive a $500 Family Grant for each student. The grant is renewable for each year the students are concurrently enrolled.

Departmental scholarships are available to students who are majoring in art, computing, data science, music and theatre. Scholarships range from $500 – $1,000 per year and are renewable as long as students remain in good academic standing. 

Each year, Franklin College awards one full-tuition scholarship to a student majoring in one of its multimedia journalism programs. This scholarship is made possible by an endowment provided by the late Eugene C. Pulliam, former publisher of newspapers in Indianapolis, Phoenix, and other cities.

The Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Program covers tuition and fees at Franklin College, along with a stipend for books. Since this scholarship covers tuition, Franklin College will apply its aid to cover the cost of room and board (renewable for all four years).

For more information go to franklincollege.edu/admissions/financial-aid/types-financial-aid/scholarships-overview

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