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Roncalli reveals new logo

Roncalli reveals new logo

The new Roncalli Royals logo will be used to represent Roncalli High School. (Submitted photo)

On April 27, Roncalli High School held a surprise pep rally for all students, faculty and staff. The pep rally included music, cheers and dance performances from faculty and students to build excitement for the new Roncalli Royals logo reveal.

Senior Kaelin Cash said, “I was super nervous to dance in front of the entire school especially since dancing isn’t really my thing, but I was so excited to have some form of pep rally during my senior year since we hadn’t had one yet. I think the logo adds a new dimension to our school and something else that we can be recognized for. I like that it is unique and the Jerusalem cross is also incorporated as it is often used here at Roncalli.”

The Roncalli Royals logo is a lion head that embodies the symbolism of Christ the King. The majestic lion wears a crown based upon the elements of St. John XXIII’s (Angelo Cardinal Roncalli) papal crown with the feur-de-lis and the Jerusalem cross that is a part of Roncalli’s rich heritage. The lion will not replace the Roncalli “R” logo but will be an additional logo mark used to represent Roncalli High School.

All faculty, staff and students received a commemorative ‘I am a Roncalli Royal’ t-shirt with the new logo.

“I am thrilled with our new nickname and thrilled with our school’s new logo! I have heard
from a fair number of students, and they loved it as well. Great being a Roncalli Royal!” said principal Chuck Weisenbach.

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