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Hendricks County Conversations Podcast Episode #5

Podcast episode - Interview with Kevin Speer

Hendricks County Regional Health CEO and President Kevin Speer stopped by the studio to talk about — wait, guess! Yup, COVID-19. It’s been all he has thought about for 355 days. That’s when the coronavirus started reaching the shores of Indiana. You won’t believe some of the stories he relates from a very unique perspective.
Learn what happens when you reverse the pressure on an entire hospital. Learn when the leader of local healthcare plans to take a vacation break from all the craziness of COVID. It’s a fascinating 30 minutes and a peek into this event which will no doubt be talked about for years to come.
He also composes the most heartfelt “Thank You” note to the county residents who sustained the staff and personnel during the early days of this wretched pandemic.
Hendricks County Conversations with Rick Myers and Gus Pearcy is brought to you by Abstract and Title and by Hendricks Power Cooperative.



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