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Hendricks County Conversations Podcast – Episode #41

Indy Honor Flights podcast interviewIf you’ve never heard of the Honor Flights, then pull up a chair for this episode. Dale True is the chair of this organization which gives free trips to Washington D.C. to veterans of World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. Indy Honor Flight has been flying veterans to the WWII Memorial in a one-day trip since 2012. You can’t imagine the passion for honoring these men and women through this great organization. Not only does True explain the source of his passion, but tells us how to get involved. If you are inclined, visit IndyHonorFlight.org or their Facebook page for the latest updates. COVID-19 put the brakes to these flights, but True said he hopes they can begin trips again in April. It’s a Veterans Day special on this episode of Hendricks County Conversations.

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