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Plainfield man charged with criminal confinement, robbery

Matthew Marshall of Plainfield

At approximately 1:04 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 30, the Plainfield Police Department was dispatched to a robbery at Two Chicks Whisky Business Bakery & Cobbler Shop, 120 E. Main St. Upon PPD’s arrival they were advised by employees that a male wearing a ski mask, white shirt and gray pants entered the store, locked the door behind him and was grabbing at his hip like he had a firearm.

The fast action of employees and owners throwing food and objects at the suspect, prompted the suspect to leave the business and flee westbound to the area of 104 E. Main St. where witnesses observed the male enter a building. After officers arrived at the scene, they located Matthew Marshall, 25, of Plainfield, exiting the buildingafter changing his appearance.

Officers also received a photo from a witness of the suspect fleeingthe scene. The photo received had very distinct footwear whichmatched what Marshal was wearing when officers had contact withhim after changing his appearance. Through further investigation, it was determined that Marshall was solely responsible for the robbery of the business.

It is believed that the loss was minimal to the business from a tip jar. Marshall was arrested and booked into the Hendricks County Jail onthe following charges: Criminal confinement, a level 6 felony, and robbery, a level 5 felony.  Under the law, criminal charges are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

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