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Plainfield community comes together to address need for blood donations

Plainfield community comes together to address need for blood donations


The Town of Plainfield is partnering with Versiti Blood Center of Indiana and the Shops at Perry Crossing to host an impromptu blood drive in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


With the mandate to limit public gatherings and to practice social distancing, many blood drives have been cancelled leaving the blood banks in dire need. The blood drive will be held inside the former Forever 21 store located at 2539 Perry Crossing Way #100 on Wednesday, April 1 from 11 a.m. until 4:15 p.m.


“With so many in need right now and the blood supply running to dangerously low levels, we saw the opportunity to use our resources at The Shops at Perry Crossing to reach out and make a positive difference in the community,” said Julie Callis, General Manager of the Shops at Perry Crossing. “We’re in a unique position that allows us to participate in hosting a blood drive while also practicing safe social distancing protocols by activating a large storefront. We’re excited that we can help contribute to that critical blood need while making sure donors feel safe and comfortable.”


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a severe decline in blood availability. While the donation process itself poses no risk of infecting a donor with coronavirus, if someone has travelled to China, Iran, South Korea, or Italy, they are encouraged to self-defer from donation for 28 days from the date of their return.  Versiti is taking special precautions to ensure donor safety:


Donor Health & Registration:


All donor-facing staff will have their temperature taken prior to beginning their workday
Donors temperatures will be taken at registration to ensure they are not elevated prior to entering donation areas
Donors will be asked to wash hands prior to screening
Donors will be asked if they are currently experiencing coughing or shortness of breath
Donors will be asked if they have recently traveled to high-risk countries as defined by the CDC
If any of the above is true, donors will be asked to self-defer


Social Distancing:


We encourage all donors to make an appointment to lessen the amount of people waiting at our donor centers
Ensuring six feet of space between chairs in waiting areas and cafe
Ensuring six feet of space between donation chairs and/or separation with medical screens
If appointment registration congestion occurs, we will ask for your cell phone number and text when your appointment is ready




We clean all equipment, beds, and other surfaces after each donor finishes their donation
Changing gloves frequently and between donors is part of our normal practice
We will maintain sanitized pen bins, so donors are only using clean pens at sign-in


“We continue to see organizations in this community reaching out to see how they can make a difference and we’re proud to partner with another one here,” said Town Manager, Andrew Klinger. “We host quarterly blood drives, so this isn’t any different. The need is high right now and we encourage healthy citizens to raise their sleeve to help those who are in need right now.”

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Registration:  https://donate.indiana.versiti.org/m/donor/schedules/available_

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