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No more banner signs over U.S. 36 in Danville

No more banner signs over U.S. 36 in Danville

By Lindsay Doty

The town of Danville will no longer hang signs over U.S. 36. The popular spot for banners through the years has become unstable.

Photo courtesy Town of Danville

“As we know it is a time-honored tradition, but we must put the safety of others first,” town leaders stated in a document this month. 

The aging poles where the banners are hung are making it difficult for the Danville Department of Public Works to secure them safely. 

To avoid injury, the town will stop taking requests for permits at that location on January 31.

“Our main concern is for the safety of our citizens and employees,” the document stated.

While residents and town leaders are bummed about the change, they are looking for other options.

“We currently take signs permits for these locations: NSSB and US 36 on Phi Delta Hill. We have now added two additional spaces on Phi Delt Hill to make up for the loss of the overhead banners until we explore other options,” said Malynn Hearon with the Town of Danville.

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