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Municipal election marks historic change in Avon

Robert Pope made history in Avon when he became the first Democrat to win an at large council seat, and he did so with a conservative message. 

“Voters are very concerned not only with the explosion of residential growth but how are we going to be able to pay for all our services,” Pope said to the ICON staff on election night. “We’re seeing services get cut to make sure we don’t raise those taxes. What are we going to do to ensure we are not completely reliant on residential, without raising those taxes? So, we have to diversify that tax base was the part of the message that really rang true.”

The contested town council at large race also saw Republican incumbent Steve Eisenbarth reelected with 36% or 733 votes. Pope won the second seat with 704 votes, or 35% of the vote, defeating Susan Webb who received 29% or 594 votes.

The race for Avon Town Court Judge was easily won by Republican Jeremy Eglen over Democrat Sherr’Ee Dawn Mullins 62% to 38%.

In the only contested race In Brownsburg, Ward 3 incumbent Brian Jessen defeated Democrat Cindy Hohman 932 votes to 602 or 61% to 39%. 

Jessen told the ICON staff the results showed that Brownsburg is a conservative community and that it wants to stay that way.

“It reaffirms the approaches I have been using over the last four years as far as keeping a dialogue with the community and listening,” Jessen said. “It reaffirms my positions. I’m taking the right positions and doing the job I’ve been tasked to do.”

Here’s to the winners on Nov. 5. May they remember what they promised their constituency and we as citizens get involved.


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