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Meeting kicks off public discussion on proposed community center

Meeting kicks off public discussion on proposed community center

By Lindsay Doty

More than 100 people packed Brownsburg Town Hall on March 6 to give input on a proposed multi-generational community center planned for the Arbuckle Acres Park area.

Residents were asked to answer a series of questions regarding what they would like to see at the facility and what types of activities they would most likely use. 

It’s the first of a series of upcoming interactive meetings aimed to gather feedback for the project’s design.

“It was great to see strong representation from a variety of our demographics in the community. The feedback on priorities for indoor recreation we received in the meeting further validated the input Brownsburg Parks has collected over the last several years. It will be essential to moving the planning process forward,” Brownsburg Parks and Recreation Director Travis Tranbarger said. 

For the last few years, town leaders have been conducting surveys on the idea.  Some of the items already on the “want list” include an indoor community pool and an indoor walking path along with space for youth sports and senior classes. 

 “There’s a lot of balancing priorities and needs. That’s why we want the community to come out and say how they want their park system,” added Tranbarger. 

The public meetings will drive the six-month pre-design process. Town leaders hope to have a final proposal approved by early fall with construction taking another estimated two to four years. 

The March 6 presentation can be viewed here:

The public is invited to a group of interactive design workshops planned for April 23-25 at the Fire Territory Headquarters, 470 E. Northfield Dr.

There is no childcare for these meetings but children are welcome and free to offer input. 

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