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Meet Your Neighbor – Phil Christy – President of Hunger Inc. Food Pantry

Meet Your Neighbor – Phil Christy – President of Hunger Inc. Food Pantry

1. In what town do you work, and how long have you lived on the Southside of Indy?
I have lived in Perry Township all my life. Originally, we owned a farm on U.S. 31 with cattle mostly, and for a short time my oldest brother raised hogs. 

2. Does your family identify with a certain faith, and if so, can you tell us more about the traditions in your faith?
My family has a Christian belief. We attend Emmanual Church on Banta Avenue and have been there for a few years now. My wife comes from a Catholic background, so we compromised with a non-denominal church, and hopefully at some point we would like to be more involved with the church. 

3. Describe your perfect family outing or favorite family tradition.
As far as a family outing or tradition, for Christmas, my immediate family gets together a few weeks after Christmas day and has dinner, exchanges gifts, then weather permitting, we have Nerf gun wars with the kids and grandkids. 

4. What are three words to describe the reasons you choose to live on the Southside of Indy?
I would guess the reason I never left Perry Township is I feel safe here, most of my family is here, and my son graduated from Southport High School. Pretty much anything you need is close. 

5. Ask your youngest child (or spouse or sibling) to describe you.
I asked my son (Adam) how he would describe me and in his own words: hard worker, loyal, trustworthy, and a great father. Honestly, those were his words. My wife, Denise says that I am generous and have a giving spirit. For more information on Hunger Inc., please visit hungerinc.org.

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